Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our City Radio Interviews Funkmaster V

Interview with the Master of Funk


A Question and Answer Segment

Can you give me a Toot Toot? Well I will tell you who can and that is the one and the onlyFunkmaster V himself.
Click here for the full interview:

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Make sure to tune in tonight starting at 8 pm EST for "The Mothership" ft. DJ Drew, Knoxville's home for the very best in FUNK and CLASSIC HIP HOP! And to get you in the Christmas groove, your "Mothership" captain will be bringing you a FUNKY Christmas special filled with lots of booty shakin' tunes to get you in the proper mood for the holiday season! And joining DJ Drew tonight will be wrestler, musician, local celebrity Funkmaster V, aka Vinnie Vineyard!

1941, Born on this day, Maurice White, leader and founder of Earth, Wind & Fire.
Photo: 1941, Born on this day, Maurice White, leader and founder of Earth, Wind & Fire.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Year End Review

I would have to say that 2013 has been the wildest year of my life- and one of the most eventful. Starting my own Taxi Cab Business: Funkmaster V's Uptown Cabs of Renown/ Winning the EGO Heavyweight Championship & East Tennessee Youtube TV Title in the same night/ Front page appearances on newspapers, articles in magazines, interviews on Podcasts, radio, blogs etc./ The announcement of me running for public office in 2014... personal triumphs, memories with family and friends and the hum drum of everyday piddling. WHEW! I've been a busy man of funk.

But remember- my family, friends, fans, customers, and fellow believers in the funk have lifted me up. I couldn't have done jack-squat without you. I am proud to be your friendly neighborhood Funkmaster V... and in 2014... expect BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS..... including................ the Album (Yes I'm old) Release of "FUNKMASTER V: OR HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE FUNK" and possible me delving back into radio. Which is one of my greatest loves.

To make your own 2014 version of Funkmaster V for your own personal use.... heed the following:
Take one part Venus Flytrap, One part Ric Flair, One part Larry Graham, One part Ron Paul, One part James Brown, One part Joe Namath, One part Mule kick to the face. MIx. Heat for 99 1/2 days at 250. Serves 1-3 Beautiful Women.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Funk to be Interviewed on SCIMAX RADIO 12/12/13 at 9PM EST

Thursday I will be on a groovilicious podcast starting at 9PM. SciMAX Radio... but I cannot give up any info on the ultra secretive MOTHERSHIP. Here's the link... bring a drink.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nolan's Gift Show DEC 10!!!

When I was out of town, the show got switched to DEC 10th!!!

All I can say about this show is look at the poster: You have a great sampling of some of the supremely talented boys and girls of the rassle-world in the region joining up for a great cause. I'm taking on the man I won the EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship from: Cadillac Steven Burns in a bout. Get in for a toy... see a great show. 

The toys will be donated to under privileged kids around the Holiday season. And maybe- Warren Peace will rassle a penguin. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Square/ SUCKS!!!

You guys know that Answer Financial is one of the crappiest excuses for an employer and in our household it is a synonym for poop. I have successfully talked loved ones from working there and also have witnessed some crazy person ripping their News Sentinel's advertisements from their machines and throwing them away time and time again. Well, next on the poop list is Square- the credit card reader. There were some questionable charges (to them) last week on my account and without speaking one word to me they have frozen thousands of dollars in my bank account for 90 days and terminated my account. Business owners BEWARE!!! Use Paypal or Intuit!!! More to come.


Funkmaster V's Uptown Cabs of Renown..... not too shabby

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Funk Finds his Basketball Rookie Card- Pre Match Hype

Funkmaster V is happy to find his Lackawanna Funk ABA Rookie Card, and uses comparisons from it to call out Evan Turner and God's Will in his rematch for the EGO PRO HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP on Nov 9th.
Sweetwater TN- Luttrell Community Center 7PM

More blabbering lies from the Evan Turner/ God's Will camp. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

MMA Fight Nov 2nd!!!

Big Week for the Mothership. Funkmaster V's Uptown Cabs of Renown's MMA Fighter Chris Braden will be in Virginia fighting for the vacant Caged Kombat's Super Heavyweight Championship against newcomer Jacob Hite. Funkmaster V will be escorting him and will be his corner man... I hope Chris doesn't bleed alot in this match for my mink's sake and his sake.

 Nov 2nd 7PM
Appalachia High School, Appalachia Virginia

Come support TEAM FUNK!!!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Favorite Rival Retires.

Very few artists ever get the credit they deserve. This week, with no fanfare, one of the better professional wrestlers in the area has been forced to hang up the boots. He broke his elbow about 9 weeks ago in the ring and his doctor misdiagnosed the injury. Therefore, he treated the break like a sprain and made it much worse. He has told the bookers/promoters he works for that he has to retire and besides me, none of his fans know. So, to my best friend in the sport, my greatest rival, the guy that I had the best in-ring stories with, and to my tag team partner with the worst winning percentage, I will say goodbye Bob O Mac. You will be missed by your fans and I always will appreciate your dedication to the professionalism of the sport.

This was supposed to be my last match ever (one of several) but it ended being my last match verses Bob O Mac. I am happy that he was my first match. I am happy I was in his last match as his tag team partner. That first night together we shocked the back and the last night together we did excellent business. In between- alot of good times.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Funkmaster V Goes to Church, Ya'll

Funkmaster V says he lives his life by two books, and that Evan Turner and God's Will crossed a dark spiritual line during their championship match at EGO PRO's 8th Anniversary Show.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Funkmaster V's Uptown Cabs of Renown Sponsors

We are proud to sponsor several awesome ventures here at the cab company. Here they are with their specific commercials:

"The Mothership" w/ DJ DREW - WUTK 90.3FM 8PM Thursdays (Playing the Best in Funk & Golden Era Hip Hop)

Grapple Magazine - A Brand New Wrestling Magazine!

Cheap Pop Radio - A Wednesday night Podcast starring J-Mac and the Sexy Monkey where they interview the biggest and brightest from the indies, WWE, TNA, ECW and beyond. 

Chris "The Brahma Bull" Braden - An MMA Fighter

The song from these commercials is "Message in the Music" by Soulfinger
The opening vignette was shot by Pretty Beard Studios.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

EGO PRO Hype Madness

Tons of videos and audio pertaining to Funkmaster V, Brittany Foxx, and the rest of Detroit Funk City and all of the enemies that are big time jealous.




(click the link)



Come out the show!!
EGO Pro Wrestling Presents

The Homecoming

September 27th, 2013
Athens, TN - National Guard Armory
413 County Road 554, AthensTN
7PM Belltime
Tailgate Party Starts @ 430PM
$7.00 for Adults - $5.00 for kids under 12

(see the bottom of the page for two day ticket prices)

-Main Event-
The Money $hot Mafia (Ricky Valentine & Eddie Adams) Managed by Warren Peace
take on
Tristen Ramsey & 1/2 of the Rock 'n' Roll Express - Robert Gibson

-Special Challenge Match-
"The Lonewolf" Cody Hall (Son of Legendary Scott Hall)
"The Blackenese Assassin" Menace

Student vs. Teacher
Spoony Mack
Barry Allen

Six Man Mayhem!
Detroit Funk City (EGO Pro Champion, Funkmaster V, The Demon & Dwayne Windham) Managed by Lil' Slick
take on
Damage INC (Cadillac Cowboy Steven Burns, Corey Magnum & Brac Ca$h) Managed by Daddy Mack

First Time Ever.....AGAIN
Shane Daniels
Evan Turner

Tag Team Grudge Match
The Money $hot Mafia (Cameron Martinez & Octavius Black) managed by Warren Peace
Street Dreams (J-Mac & Shawn Streets)

Also on the card
The Saints (Tyler Jett & Joseph Knight) vs. D'Andre Jaxson & Aaron G

The Athens National Guard Armory is around 10 miles off of Interstate 75 Exit 49. It's directly off of Highway 30 so there are literally no turns once you're off the interstate, except to turn into the parking lot at the Armory. Once off the interstate, no matter which way you come, drive towards town (as if you're going to The Waffle House) and stay on Highway 30 all the way thru town. Once you pass Jerry Smith Funeral home on your right, go aprox 2.6 miles, and the armory is on your left....just look for the banner!

---------------SATURDAY NIGHT---------------

September 28th, 2013
Sweetwater, TN - Luttrell Center (Formerly Fender's)
2529 Oakland Rd, Sweetwater, TN 
7PM Belltime
Tailgate Party Starts @ 430PM
$7.00 for Adults - $5.00 for kids under 12

(see the bottom of the page for two day ticket prices)

-Main Event-
Rumble Royal (w/ Cheese)
40-something man, 2 woman, 1 drag queen Battle Royale.
Featuring names from EGO Pro's past, present & future!
2 men enter and battle for two minutes; after that a new person comes in every 60 seconds until everyone has entered.
The winner is the last person standing. That person will recieve a Heavyweight Title Match.

-Already Announced-

Aaron G * Alex Summers * Amanda Allen * Barry Allen * Big EZ * Brad Cash * Brad Murphy * Chris Crunk * Codee Kash * Corey Magnum * Crimson Ghost * Daddy Mack * Deadpool * Demitrya * Demon * Dr Cancer * Dr X * Dwayne Windham * Eddie Adams * Eric G * The Hooligan * Jason Maxx * Jayke Murphy * J-Mac * Johnny Havok * Joseph Knight * Michael Krow * Octavius Black * Red Shirt * Ricky Valentine * Scotty Atomic * Shane Daniels * Shawn Streets * Slick * Spoony Mack * Steven Burns *Tristen Ramsey * Trojan-Man * Tyler Jett * Tyler Sutton * Warren Peace * Willie B Badd * The Zombie
(Plus More TBA)

EGO Pro Heavyweight Title Match
Funkmaster V (champion) - Managed by Ms. Brittany Foxx
Evan Turner - Managed by "The Reverend" William Nichols

YouTube Television Title Tournament Finals
Cameron Martinez v. D'Andre Jaxson v. Issac Cain v. Bob O Mac
Elimination Style Match * Last Man Standing Is The New YouTube Television Champion

Six Man Madness
The Money $hot Mafia (Octavius Black, Ricky Valentine & Eddie Adams)
Street Dreams (J-Mac & Shawn Streets) & Tristen Ramsey

Former Friends * Bitter Enemies
Street Fight Grudge Match
Dwayne Windham
Corey Magnum

Manager vs Manager
10 Rounds Of Boxing
Lil' Slick (with The Demon in his corner)
Daddy Mack (with The Cadillac Cowboy & Brad Cash in his corner)

(Directions To The Luttrell Center)

From The Interstate
If Coming In From The Northbound Lane (ie coming from Athens, Cleveland, Chattanooga) Take EXIT 62 - make a left off of the exit, and the venue is 3.9 miles on the right
If Coming In From The Southbound Lane (ie coming from Loudon, Lenoir City, Knoxville) Take EXIT 62 - make a right off of the exit, and the venue is 3.7 miles on the right
If Coming From Sweetwater Without The Interstate- Take Oakland Road, The Venue is 4.1 miles past the Dinner Bell Restaurant on the right.

Come Early For The Best Parking - We Do Have Limited Parking, But Will Do Our Best To Fit As Many On The Grounds, Before
Asking People Park On The Roadside

You can purchase a 2 day ticket Friday night for $12.00 for Adults & $8.00 for Kids Under 12
These special priced tickets covering BOTH nights will ONLY be on sale Friday Night.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Funkmaster V on Star 102.1 FM 9/25/2013 8AM

Don't forget rassle-fans, Warren Peace and EGO PRO Champion Funkmaster V will grace Star 102.1 FM's morning show at 8AM on Wednesday to talk about EGO PRO's BIG BIG BIG 8th Anniversary Weekend.

Monday, September 16, 2013

ERA Thoughts- Looking Forward to EGO PRO's big weekend

I like to entertain fans, that's why I wrestle. Some people want championships and money, and I do too... but I have plenty of money. Sure, more is fine, but I like to make kids and wrestling fans happy. Now, when I wandered into the ERA promotion last year, several people didn't dig this. One was a little round man named Noah Richards. Noah Richards saw me as a threat to his spot and he and his manager Paul Buchanan have tried to put me out of wrestling by trying to break my neck on several occasions. He has also cheated every time I have fought him costing me money. (See, I care about that a little). Well children, I am happy to say that sometimes Karma is not a bad word and he got what was coming to him. He will be out of action for some time with a severe groin injury... by the hands of the Funk.
Check out the new Horseshoe 'stache via 1971!!!

EGO PRO's big 8th Anniversary weekend will feature the Rock N Roll Express, Jim Cornette cut a promo on Warren Peace about it, Cody Hall (Outsider Scott Hall's son), one of the Doinks, Starman from NES, Deadpool, Willie B Badd from the Death Row Inmates is coming out of retirement... man it is going to be awesome. Check out my 6-man promo where I contact my bruthas from Detroit Funk City via Skype and we talk about Brad Cash, Corey Magnum, and that rascal Steve "Cadillac Cowboy" Burns. 
I promise to have a BIG FUNKY SURPRISE for the 6 man tag on Sept 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check the website for more EGO PRO info for the locations/ dates/ cards/ times/ and prices.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Detroit Funk City's Video Conference (for the fans- y'all)

The NEW Detroit Funk City: Funkmaster V, Dwayne Windham,Thademon aka Theodore Demon Skype for all you East Tennessee rassle fans about their 6 man tag at EGO PRO againstBrad Cash, Steven Cadillac Burns, and Corey Lauth Magnum. 8th Anniversary Weekend!!! Featuring Cody Hall (Scott Hall's son), Starman from NES's Pro Wrestling, Deadpool, and a 50 person Battle Royale w/ Cheese. Check the video for info.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Funkmaster V to be on Star 102.1's Morning Show!!!

Funkmaster V will be on Star 102.1's Mark and Kim show Sept 25th at 8AM. He will be representing EGO PRO Wrestling as the champ and we will be talking about traffic, news, sports and oh yes... EGO PRO's 8th Anniversary weekend! Knoxville- be sure to keep an ear on the radio that Wednesday morning as Funk and that cruddy man Warren Peace will be selling the hype.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

SUGAR AND SPICE!!! We Got Online Merchandise

FINALLY!!!! We got the online Merchandise situation under control, now go buy some stuff. Proudly located on ETSY, the Name of the store is THE MOTHERSHOP CONNECTION!

Funkmaster V's stuff can now be bought and sold online like a real man's stuff can. Flipside Runner CD's, DVDs, Funkmaster V T-shirts, DVDs... soon to include Lunchboxes, action figures, Funkmaster V's EGO PRO Championship replica belts for kids, Pimp Cups from our factory in Alabama and more!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Funk in the Papers Again

Funkmaster V can travel through time, create fire out of his fist, surround himself with beautiful women, lay down grooves, and play the low post at 5'10. But Funk's most amazing trick of late is vowing revenge in a newspaper and avoiding arrest. Check out the paper and come out to Wartburg for pro-rasslin this Saturday!

I would also like to comment on the EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship that was defended last night. Steven Cadillac Cowboy Burns was double tough and took everything I had to throw at him in the beginning and kept coming back for more. He stopped the Red Fist of Funk twice, and didn't tap out to the figure four. The match ended in a double DQ because my boys in DFC were brawling with the tricks now known as Damage Inc and they came into the ring. 

The effect of Cadillac Cowboy's thunderous chops

The way I see it, Damage Inc cost me my winner's purse, so on Sept 27th, I get to tag with the boys in Detroit Funk City in a must see return match... Funkmaster V, The Demon, and Dwayne Windham vs. Cadillac Cowboy, Brad Cash, and Corey Magnum. Good luck losers! 

Check the website for new updates! Results/ Pix/ Media links are updated.

Also, here I am riding a purple girls' bike like a boss for a SAW Wrestling commercial. Learn to deal.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Funkmaster V's custom EGO PRO Championship Belt reeks of Awesome

Funkmaster V EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship title reign June 2013- ??? Each side plate represents a major part of Funkmaster V lore and the story of his rise to the top of one of the best wrestling promotions in the region.

The first plate (from the left) features the skyline of Detroit, to symbolize the dominance of the stable Detroit Funk City. It included Beth McClure, Dwayne Windham, Shane Daniels, and the Demon

The second plate features a bass, representing the years I have spent solidifying myself as a Funkmaster in the music world. 

The next plate features the Red Fist of Funk- the flaming finisher I have debuted this year.

The last plate features the flowers I used to propose to Beth O Funk in front of my wife and kids, and the establishment of my relationship with the lovely funkettes that have accompanied me to the ring since. 

Come out Saturday to see me defend this handsome strap against the Cadillac Cowboy at EGO PRO!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Funkmaster V Says Boo!

Wassup Funk Nation??? It's been a wild summer for the Funky One fo' sho, and I would like to thank all of the believers for making it the best summer of old Funkers career. I was the Cover Story of the Maryville Daily Times, I've been on several radio shows and podcasts, and I won the EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship and the East Tennessee Youtube TV Title in the same night, and Detroit Funk City seems to be reforming. You can help me make it even better!!!

If you click this link, please vote for Funkmaster V for your Favorite Indy Wrestler and also "The Phoenixx" Brittany Foxx as your favorite Grapple Girl in the Grapple Magazine poll. Grapple Magazine is poised to be an awesome new wrestling magazine featuring world wide superstars and regional indy rasslin heroes! We will appreciate the love!!!

Also, big Tony made the Pimp Cup that I broke in the infamous Pimp Cup match of 2009 with Dwayne Windham... I always felt bad that it shattered. Well, here is some pop-art he made for me I PROMISE I will not break! Thanks Tone the Bone!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I was recently the first guest of a new super-swell new radio show out of the Tri-Cities called CHEAP POP RADIO. Me and the host, referee Jeremy Westwood jive talk about rasslin, Chicago, Shawn Shultz, Anthony Lucassio, EGO PRO Wrestling, NWA Smoky Mountain, the weird results of the most recent TNA Gut Check and beyond. Here's the link-age...

click the link for the show...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

1986 Called!!!

If you miss pro wrestling's 1980-ish territory music-video packages, by all means check out the last two minutes or so of this EGO PRO video for a smile.

Actually the whole video is solid, and features several highlights of the Everybody Dies match, my title defense against the Demon, plus the first Detroit Funk City interview in over three years.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Funkmaster V talks about EGO PRO's roster and Cadillac Cowboy

EGO PRO Heavyweight Champion Funkmaster V talks about the solid EGO PRO roster and that his next opponent may be the toughest of the lot... Cadillac Cowboy Steven Burns

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Little Funk to Believe in and DFC thoughts

Well, I got some exciting news. This Saturday in Wartburg, I may be living a small wee dream of mine. (LOL) If things turn out like they were presented to me, I may be tagging with a "little person" named Micro Funk vs. a tag team of evil. Come out and support all sizes of the funk this Saturday afternoon in Wartburg!!! 

Click this link for more information...

I don't have any promo clips or pics yet, but the Red Fist vs. Yellow Mist EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship was an amazing match. I'm still sore from wrestling the Demon. He did not get an opportunity to hit me with the Paralyzing Blood Mist (thank God) and he was the first person ever to kick out of the Red Fist of Funk. However, I knew that his knees were in bad shape and I was able to "exorcise the Demon" with the good ole Funky Figure Four. 

After the match was a whirlwind, and I'm not sure what exactly happened until I see the tape. But Daddy Mack's stable was apparently beating down the Demon after a failed opportunity to bring the title back into Daddy Mack's control.  They wanted Dwayne Windham to hit the Demon with a chair and he stalled. Something deep down in side stirred when I saw my old friends getting turned on by Daddy Mack and his group of cronies, among them being former champ Cadillac Cowboy and Corey Magnum. I hit the ring, threw someone over the top rope, and there we stood... the Demon, Dwayne Windham, and Funkmaster V. Not sure what happened, but I think we shared a common interest (I, for one, am tired of me and The Phoenixx getting outnumbered every damn match and it would be nice to have a little back up). Needless to say, Detroit Funk City may have one more run in them. This one may be more dominant than the last, because I know how much Dwayne and I have improved in the sport.

And before you ask, if you are going to call or email me about Shane Daniels, I haven't talked to him in a year, so it looks doubtful that he will be rejoining the group AT THIS POINT. But you know wrestling.... never say never...

Friday, July 12, 2013

EGO PRO Saturday! the Red Fist vs. The Yellow Mist

You may not be aware, but there is a little show happening down Sweetwater way that may or may not blow your darn minds. The fans that saw the last EGO show said it was the show of the year and this one is poised to be even more death-defying. Plus, it's my first title defense. 

Funkmaster V (c) vs. the Demon
The Red Fist vs. the Yellow Mist

Sweetwater TN, July 13th 2013, 7PM. Luttrell Community Center on Oakland Rd

Friday, July 5, 2013

Funkmaster V Interviewed by Ring TONIGHT!!!

Funkmaster V talks about things never heard with human ears tonight on the podcast "The Announcer's Table" on tonight at 8PM. He talks about his big weekend where he won the EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship & the East Tennessee Youtube TV Title, his early days in the business, who trained him, his favorite wrestlers, moments, moves, and of course... women and music. TUNE IN!

 The Announcer's Table 8PM

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Funkmaster V's Post-Match Double Belt Interview

Funk Defeated Freaks. Blood on Streets. The Champ Speaks. Old Man Sneaks. Brittany Foxx's Cheeks. TV Rating Peaks. Improved Win Streaks. Old Back Creeks.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Funkmaster V on Star 102.1FM/ Thoughts on the Demon

Apparently Kim Hansard from 102.1FM was at EGO PRO Saturday and now is a believer in the funk. She said EGO PRO has hooked her, she's coming all the time now, and she loves the new EGO PRO CHAMPION Funkmaster V. So my friends... what have YOU been waiting for? The next show is July 13th! Be there to cheer on the funk as he takes on his most hated rival, the Demon.
Funkmaster V defeats the Cadillac Cowboy in the fastest Championship Match in EGO PRO history

Cadillac Cowboy's Title reign is the shortest title reign of any title in EGO PRO history. 

Also, his hat smelled like cheap beer and desperate 45 year old women. I don't know why...

July 13th, I face my mentor and old friend/ hated enemy the Demon for the EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship. For about a year, we caused as much damage in this area as a tag team as the Death Row Inmates, Street Dreams, the Encore, Platinum Kings, etc. The Yellow Mist vs. the Red Fist. There can be only one. Here's a moment that started the rift. (By the way- he only reason I show this is because my good friend Jay Perkey gets kicked in the junk by the Demon, and it always makes me smile.)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Report From the Front

June 29th 2013... the funk was not defeated...
Funkmaster V- New EGO PRO Heavyweight Champion
more to come

Friday, June 28, 2013


Here's a fun little video to get you acquainted with the EGO PRO stars, and it features the glorious and seldom photographed Red Fist of Funk. Watch this, sign up to wrestle Tyler Jett for $1000 and come out to see the first FIRST BLOOD MATCH in EGO PRO's history.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Funk Flavored Set List From Last Night

I really enjoyed "The Mothership" radio show last night with DJ DREW. It's cool to hang with Drew and talk to his awesome interviews, but to me it's always about the music. Many people ask me about what funk bands they should check out and I think Drew did a great job of laying out a nice show last night so here is a good sampler. Choice cuts/ top to bottom. Here are the funk songs he played. Buy them on itunes or check 'em out on youtube... get yo' hands on 'em for you library.

(1) Shuggie Otis - "Sparkle City"

(2) Edwin Birdsong - "Rising Sign (Funky)"

(3) Soul Rebels - "504"

(4) Soul Rebels - "I'm So Confused (ft. Ben Ellman)"

(5) Curtis Mayfield - "Kung Fu"

(6) Orgone - "Powerfeed"

(7) Tower of Power - "Sparkling In The Sand"

(8) Prince - "She's Always in my Hair"

(12) Ohio Players - "Do Your Thing"

(13) Here Comes The Mummies - "You Know The Drill"

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Funkmaster V to Co-Host "The Mothership"

Besides beating up baddies and sitting all close to big legged women, my favorite thing to do is horse around with Funk music. This Thursday at 8PM, I get to do that publicly on 90.3FM WUTK with DJ DREW on "The Mothership"

Listen with your radio or internet contraption at the website above!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Funkmaster V Makes the Cover Story- WEEKEND Edition


From bass-playing to wrestling to cab-driving to politics, Funkmaster V does it all

Monday, June 10, 2013

Funkmaster V Gets Revenge on Jim Miller This Saturday!

SAW WRESTLING - Maryville - Saturday - 7PM
Funkmaster V vs. Showtime Kid Jim Miller 

At the Blount County Boys and Girls club (old Ft. Craig School) in Maryville, TN.

Watch Funkmaster V get revenge from what Jim did to his knee back in 2011~~~
 w/ David Pillman and Dave Jones on commentary.