Friday, January 20, 2012

Funkmaster V Wins TXW Youtube TV Title


Jan 20th 2011
Not only did I return to TXW and defeated a wiley Dwayne Windham for the TXW Youtube TV Title... I looked good doing it with my new valet, Sassy Frass from White Lightin' Burlesque. I'm thrilled being only the 2nd wrestler to repeat as this belt's champion. TXW has allowed me to defend the belt at EGO PRO this month against my old friend Conner Cruze in Sweetwater on the 28th, and if I win, I will be taking on Lance Blaze at TXW, defending the belt. I have never battled either wrestler, so this will be a tall test for me. I'll be continuing strength training this week for my upcoming match with the tiny hippie, Conner Cruze, and then gonna work on cardio and mat work for my match with big ole Lance Blaze at TXW on the 4th. Tanning and afro shaping for both. That's the funk way.