Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wrestling With Ghosts Episode 6

"The Rabbitman Cometh"
The Rabbitman cabin in Unicoi, Tennessee

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In the season finale of season one of Wrestling With Ghosts, Big Luke and Funkmaster V meet up with Dalton Stout to reinvestigate the remote Rabbitman House… A place that Justin Richards could not return to. The guys run into "negative spirits" that start to oppress certain members of the group, and the normally fun loving team has to switch into survival mode against each other.
Filmed on location at The Rabbit Man House, Unicoi, Tennessee.
ENJOY THIS EPISODE!!! It's been a labor of love. Big Luke and/or Funkmaster V will be broadcasting on Facebook Live around 5:00PM EST Sunday afternoon for a Q&A session for those of you interested. (Facebook- Big Luke Walker or Vinnie Vineyard-Funkmaster V)