Thursday, September 26, 2013

EGO PRO Hype Madness

Tons of videos and audio pertaining to Funkmaster V, Brittany Foxx, and the rest of Detroit Funk City and all of the enemies that are big time jealous.




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Come out the show!!
EGO Pro Wrestling Presents

The Homecoming

September 27th, 2013
Athens, TN - National Guard Armory
413 County Road 554, AthensTN
7PM Belltime
Tailgate Party Starts @ 430PM
$7.00 for Adults - $5.00 for kids under 12

(see the bottom of the page for two day ticket prices)

-Main Event-
The Money $hot Mafia (Ricky Valentine & Eddie Adams) Managed by Warren Peace
take on
Tristen Ramsey & 1/2 of the Rock 'n' Roll Express - Robert Gibson

-Special Challenge Match-
"The Lonewolf" Cody Hall (Son of Legendary Scott Hall)
"The Blackenese Assassin" Menace

Student vs. Teacher
Spoony Mack
Barry Allen

Six Man Mayhem!
Detroit Funk City (EGO Pro Champion, Funkmaster V, The Demon & Dwayne Windham) Managed by Lil' Slick
take on
Damage INC (Cadillac Cowboy Steven Burns, Corey Magnum & Brac Ca$h) Managed by Daddy Mack

First Time Ever.....AGAIN
Shane Daniels
Evan Turner

Tag Team Grudge Match
The Money $hot Mafia (Cameron Martinez & Octavius Black) managed by Warren Peace
Street Dreams (J-Mac & Shawn Streets)

Also on the card
The Saints (Tyler Jett & Joseph Knight) vs. D'Andre Jaxson & Aaron G

The Athens National Guard Armory is around 10 miles off of Interstate 75 Exit 49. It's directly off of Highway 30 so there are literally no turns once you're off the interstate, except to turn into the parking lot at the Armory. Once off the interstate, no matter which way you come, drive towards town (as if you're going to The Waffle House) and stay on Highway 30 all the way thru town. Once you pass Jerry Smith Funeral home on your right, go aprox 2.6 miles, and the armory is on your left....just look for the banner!

---------------SATURDAY NIGHT---------------

September 28th, 2013
Sweetwater, TN - Luttrell Center (Formerly Fender's)
2529 Oakland Rd, Sweetwater, TN 
7PM Belltime
Tailgate Party Starts @ 430PM
$7.00 for Adults - $5.00 for kids under 12

(see the bottom of the page for two day ticket prices)

-Main Event-
Rumble Royal (w/ Cheese)
40-something man, 2 woman, 1 drag queen Battle Royale.
Featuring names from EGO Pro's past, present & future!
2 men enter and battle for two minutes; after that a new person comes in every 60 seconds until everyone has entered.
The winner is the last person standing. That person will recieve a Heavyweight Title Match.

-Already Announced-

Aaron G * Alex Summers * Amanda Allen * Barry Allen * Big EZ * Brad Cash * Brad Murphy * Chris Crunk * Codee Kash * Corey Magnum * Crimson Ghost * Daddy Mack * Deadpool * Demitrya * Demon * Dr Cancer * Dr X * Dwayne Windham * Eddie Adams * Eric G * The Hooligan * Jason Maxx * Jayke Murphy * J-Mac * Johnny Havok * Joseph Knight * Michael Krow * Octavius Black * Red Shirt * Ricky Valentine * Scotty Atomic * Shane Daniels * Shawn Streets * Slick * Spoony Mack * Steven Burns *Tristen Ramsey * Trojan-Man * Tyler Jett * Tyler Sutton * Warren Peace * Willie B Badd * The Zombie
(Plus More TBA)

EGO Pro Heavyweight Title Match
Funkmaster V (champion) - Managed by Ms. Brittany Foxx
Evan Turner - Managed by "The Reverend" William Nichols

YouTube Television Title Tournament Finals
Cameron Martinez v. D'Andre Jaxson v. Issac Cain v. Bob O Mac
Elimination Style Match * Last Man Standing Is The New YouTube Television Champion

Six Man Madness
The Money $hot Mafia (Octavius Black, Ricky Valentine & Eddie Adams)
Street Dreams (J-Mac & Shawn Streets) & Tristen Ramsey

Former Friends * Bitter Enemies
Street Fight Grudge Match
Dwayne Windham
Corey Magnum

Manager vs Manager
10 Rounds Of Boxing
Lil' Slick (with The Demon in his corner)
Daddy Mack (with The Cadillac Cowboy & Brad Cash in his corner)

(Directions To The Luttrell Center)

From The Interstate
If Coming In From The Northbound Lane (ie coming from Athens, Cleveland, Chattanooga) Take EXIT 62 - make a left off of the exit, and the venue is 3.9 miles on the right
If Coming In From The Southbound Lane (ie coming from Loudon, Lenoir City, Knoxville) Take EXIT 62 - make a right off of the exit, and the venue is 3.7 miles on the right
If Coming From Sweetwater Without The Interstate- Take Oakland Road, The Venue is 4.1 miles past the Dinner Bell Restaurant on the right.

Come Early For The Best Parking - We Do Have Limited Parking, But Will Do Our Best To Fit As Many On The Grounds, Before
Asking People Park On The Roadside

You can purchase a 2 day ticket Friday night for $12.00 for Adults & $8.00 for Kids Under 12
These special priced tickets covering BOTH nights will ONLY be on sale Friday Night.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Funkmaster V on Star 102.1 FM 9/25/2013 8AM

Don't forget rassle-fans, Warren Peace and EGO PRO Champion Funkmaster V will grace Star 102.1 FM's morning show at 8AM on Wednesday to talk about EGO PRO's BIG BIG BIG 8th Anniversary Weekend.

Monday, September 16, 2013

ERA Thoughts- Looking Forward to EGO PRO's big weekend

I like to entertain fans, that's why I wrestle. Some people want championships and money, and I do too... but I have plenty of money. Sure, more is fine, but I like to make kids and wrestling fans happy. Now, when I wandered into the ERA promotion last year, several people didn't dig this. One was a little round man named Noah Richards. Noah Richards saw me as a threat to his spot and he and his manager Paul Buchanan have tried to put me out of wrestling by trying to break my neck on several occasions. He has also cheated every time I have fought him costing me money. (See, I care about that a little). Well children, I am happy to say that sometimes Karma is not a bad word and he got what was coming to him. He will be out of action for some time with a severe groin injury... by the hands of the Funk.
Check out the new Horseshoe 'stache via 1971!!!

EGO PRO's big 8th Anniversary weekend will feature the Rock N Roll Express, Jim Cornette cut a promo on Warren Peace about it, Cody Hall (Outsider Scott Hall's son), one of the Doinks, Starman from NES, Deadpool, Willie B Badd from the Death Row Inmates is coming out of retirement... man it is going to be awesome. Check out my 6-man promo where I contact my bruthas from Detroit Funk City via Skype and we talk about Brad Cash, Corey Magnum, and that rascal Steve "Cadillac Cowboy" Burns. 
I promise to have a BIG FUNKY SURPRISE for the 6 man tag on Sept 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check the website for more EGO PRO info for the locations/ dates/ cards/ times/ and prices.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Detroit Funk City's Video Conference (for the fans- y'all)

The NEW Detroit Funk City: Funkmaster V, Dwayne Windham,Thademon aka Theodore Demon Skype for all you East Tennessee rassle fans about their 6 man tag at EGO PRO againstBrad Cash, Steven Cadillac Burns, and Corey Lauth Magnum. 8th Anniversary Weekend!!! Featuring Cody Hall (Scott Hall's son), Starman from NES's Pro Wrestling, Deadpool, and a 50 person Battle Royale w/ Cheese. Check the video for info.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Funkmaster V to be on Star 102.1's Morning Show!!!

Funkmaster V will be on Star 102.1's Mark and Kim show Sept 25th at 8AM. He will be representing EGO PRO Wrestling as the champ and we will be talking about traffic, news, sports and oh yes... EGO PRO's 8th Anniversary weekend! Knoxville- be sure to keep an ear on the radio that Wednesday morning as Funk and that cruddy man Warren Peace will be selling the hype.