Monday, September 16, 2013

ERA Thoughts- Looking Forward to EGO PRO's big weekend

I like to entertain fans, that's why I wrestle. Some people want championships and money, and I do too... but I have plenty of money. Sure, more is fine, but I like to make kids and wrestling fans happy. Now, when I wandered into the ERA promotion last year, several people didn't dig this. One was a little round man named Noah Richards. Noah Richards saw me as a threat to his spot and he and his manager Paul Buchanan have tried to put me out of wrestling by trying to break my neck on several occasions. He has also cheated every time I have fought him costing me money. (See, I care about that a little). Well children, I am happy to say that sometimes Karma is not a bad word and he got what was coming to him. He will be out of action for some time with a severe groin injury... by the hands of the Funk.
Check out the new Horseshoe 'stache via 1971!!!

EGO PRO's big 8th Anniversary weekend will feature the Rock N Roll Express, Jim Cornette cut a promo on Warren Peace about it, Cody Hall (Outsider Scott Hall's son), one of the Doinks, Starman from NES, Deadpool, Willie B Badd from the Death Row Inmates is coming out of retirement... man it is going to be awesome. Check out my 6-man promo where I contact my bruthas from Detroit Funk City via Skype and we talk about Brad Cash, Corey Magnum, and that rascal Steve "Cadillac Cowboy" Burns. 
I promise to have a BIG FUNKY SURPRISE for the 6 man tag on Sept 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check the website for more EGO PRO info for the locations/ dates/ cards/ times/ and prices.

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