Saturday, December 31, 2016

Celebrating the end of 2016 with a Contest!!!

2016 sucks, so to celebrate its passing, we are gonna have a Funkmaster V game for prizes. You can win a T-shirt, DVDs, CDs, and Smart Paranormal swag. All you have to do is have to vote by using the following emojis here and then like the SmartParanormalTV page and/ or the Funkmaster V's Uptown Cabs of Renown page on FB. The competition ends tomorrow at midnight. Have fun!!! (If you like both Facebook pages already... all you have to do is vote)

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

OK. You were right, 2016 sucked

Since the last post, the Gatlinburg fires happened. And if you did not know, it can be described by a hundred different adjectives: scary, tense, heartbreaking, overpowering... etc. My tag team partner and TV co-host Big Luke Walker and I reported what we saw happening to our city when no one else could or would, and we got national attention for it. I was going to write a big long post about it, but I'm exhausted and decided to sum it up in a year end type video. Enjoy...

Go to "Media" to check out World Wide Gloss From the Last Part of 2016
Dec 14th 2016 - LA City "Taxi Driver Drives Through The Night To Save People"
Dec 2016- Morgan County News- Wild Wrestlin' Action
Dec 2016 - WBIR - Pro Wrestling Taxi Driver Saves Lives With Free Rides
Nov 29 2016 - Maryville Daily Times- " Scenes From Firestorm: Cab driver recalls a harrowing night as Gatlinburg burns"
Nov 2016- "Wrestling With Ghosts" on ZTALK Radio with Jay Lynch
Nov 2016- Funkmaster V on Porcupine PAC Gary Johnson Video
Oct 2016 - WBIR - "Ghost Hunters Explore Mysterious Mansion"
Oct 2016 - The Herald - "Sevierville Based Group Produces Spooky Show"
Oct 2016- The Mountain Press- "Ghostly Show Films at Greenbriar"
July 2009- Knoxville News Sentinel - "Funkmaster V Switches Moves Once More"