Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I don't dig on Neegan... he is too unfunky. But after we shot this video, I wear red scarves around the house like a post-apocalyptic hooker that is losing her looks. Once you meet Neegan... you will never be the same.

Big N Funky claim that Josh "TKO" Turner is not only going to lose the match for the KFW Tag Team Titles, they claim this video proves he is the worst bad guy i...n TV history! Friday Night in Knoxville, in a building Funkmaster V has won gold and never lost in, Big N Funky will take out Josh "TKO" Turner/ Insane Scott Lane in groove-a-licous style!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Big N Funky are the first ever KFW Tag Team Champions!!!

The Punch Tha Souff in Tha Mouff continues as Big N Funky (Funkmaster V & Big Luke Walker) becomes the FIRST KFW Tag Team Champions with a controversial victory over the Southern Bad Boys. This may or may not lead into a dance montage.

Come see Big N Funky Friday Night and the rest of the KFW crew as they rassle-men and bring smiles to the faces of sports fans. You will have fun and build memories with your family!!!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being on a podcast called "The Big Perm Show" that was extremely professional and slick sounding, but still very fun and a little raunchy too. They interviewed me about Wrestling, MMA, Wrestling with Ghosts, the taxi life and my involvement with the Gatlinburg fires. Listen to the show if you haven't heard me talk enough yet. But moreover, this is an extremely good podcast. Perm and Vic-Nasty should be getting paid to do this. The Big Perm has a cool "white chocolate" vibe about him... but comes off like he's not trying to impress you or make you think he's cooler than he is. If you get past the "working man's rap" he is a good interviewer. Vic-Nasty is an excellent, jolly, hype man, as well. Kinda like... an inner city Dick Cavett and Ed McMahon... oddly enough. I also like how Peoria-centric it is... reminds me of old radio and how a radio show should paint of picture to anyone listening of what is going on in their community. I dig it... the way radio should be and used to be. Nice job fellas. 

Funkmaster V and MMA veteran fighter Ran Weathers are featured on episode #138