Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Funkmaster V and James Brown the Third Preach



Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lot-O-News - Week of 12-12-12

New for 2013, Funkmaster V's Family Band, featuring the musical stylings and wrestle grapple-holds needed to defend the Southern States from the impending Vampire Apocolyptions. Be forewarned, if I mention something about "My old family band", it references someone in this picture. From left to right= Monroe Fayte, Maskerade, the Tsunami Kid, The Demon, Dwayne Windham, Funkmaster V, Bob O Mac, Shane Daniels, Demitrya, Barry Allen...

It's promising to be the post apocalyptic thiller of the pre- summer feature blast!!!

This Saturday Morning, on MBR-TV, they are showing a replay of my title match with Noah Richards. SPOILER ALERT- FUNK BREAKS BONES. Airdate= Saturday Dec 15th 11AM MBR-TV

After you watch me break someone's hands, wash that rear end of yours and bring the kids out to Onieda High School on Dec 15th. It's free with a toy. Watch this video. WARNING! I may be wrestling someone from the Family Band! Seeeeeeeeeeee??? Now you have insider knowledge!!! 

I have said the Foo Fighters, especially with Maroon 5 turning into a pop band, was the last defender of rock n roll. Well, it looks like there are some reinforcements on the way. (THIS SONG IS INAPPROPRIATE FOR CHITLINS OR DECENT HUMANS~ but I like it.) This front man talks like Michael Jackson, moves like Mick Jagger, looks like Frank Zappa, and sings like Freddy Mercury. Hellz yeah.

I always forget to post this video every day, but I remembered today. For your viewing pleasure, Jay Perkey, trying to come to my aid... gets kicked in the bawls from the Creatures of the Night

Funkmaster V needs no man made award to tell him who he is, but my little round SassyFrass is up for EGO PRO manager of the year, and oh man... she is worthy of praise. Please take 10 seconds out of your day to vote for the girl (Sorry Warren)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ERA TV This Saturday Will Feature Funkmaster V vs. Richards

As a preview for this Saturday's huge ERA Toys For Joy event, this Saturday's edition of "ERA Wrestling TV" looks back at the YouTube Television Championship match from Nov. 10th in Oneida, TN between Noah Richards and the current East TN Y
ouTube Television Champion Funkmaster V. We also look at the upcoming matches between DavidMichaels and James Cole, Dexter York and Noah Richards, and the big ERA Television Championship match between the current champion, Draven Lee, and the former two time ERA Television Champion Pain. So don't miss "ERA Wrestling TV" this Saturday at 11am on MBR-TV and ERAWrestling.com and then come to Oneida High School at 7pm this Saturday to see a history making event and to help a child have a great Christmas. Admission is only one unwrapped toy, valued at $5 or more.

Friday, December 7, 2012

ERA TV- Funkmaster V vs. Dexter York

ERA Television Main Event Title Defense vs. Dexter York. My match starts about 15 minutes in. I would like to say that me being dropkicked in this thumbnail looks cool but I am silently protesting this. Why couldn't the thumbnail me doing the Funky Figure Four? Huh? Huh? Yeah.... that's what I thought.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Merchandise Page Issues

I've had a few people try to purchase items through www.funkmasterv.com and they have indicated that they have problems. I am working with Amazon on this now and it will be fixed by tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dec 1st TV Title Match Announced!!!


Don't miss Saturday's episode of ERA Wrestling TV. Death Stalker, accompanied by James Cole, will take on Freak Show, we see more highlights from Nov. 10th, and in a huge main event the East Tennessee YouTube Television Champion Funkmaster V will defend his title against Dexter York.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Updated Matches & Promos Page!!!

Did you know that Funkmaster V has over 8 hours of wrestling greatness, promos, TV clips and more hee-haw uploaded on a very special playlist only available through his website? It's true. Click the "Matches and Promos" button up top to browse through the fun.

We are also overhauling the old site and combining it with the lay-out of the new site. Next on the agenda is the "Pix" page... being updated with tons of pictures of Funkmaster V, Sassy Frass, Crimson Waters and all of his foes as we speak. Check back for updates as they come!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Merchandise is Always Nice

Check out the new stuff, feel the love, cough up some money... The funk godz will smile down on ya!

Click HERE to purchase securely with PAY PAL!!!!

"Live Performance Captured on DVD Technology"
Flipside Runner
The Manhattan Project
2012 DVD Release - $8 USD
Filmed at Manhattan's in downtown Knoxville in 2004 by a nice guy who's name I forget, this rare performance video features the original line-up of Flipside Runner playing original tunes, funk music, modern rock, and more whilst engaging each other and the audience with the signature FSR banter. Features DVD XTRAS. 

"Awesome Rock for Your Ears Only"
Flipside Runner
The Song Inside You
2012 CD Release - 10 USD
Incredibly deep lyrics, solid rhythm and hypnotic guitar riffs highlight Flipside Runner's debut CD that features 9 songs that will woo you into the night. Top shelf production by Voytek Kochanek at Atlantis Studios. This is a rock album that features the serious side of Funkmaster V, JR Horn, Brian Smith and Scott Sutherland. 

"Funk-Man Beats Up Baddies on TV Screens"
Funkmaster V
Crushing Souls in the Golden Ghetto
2012 DVD Release- $8 USD
2 DVDs of Funkmaster V's best matches, his signature promos, his famous vignettes, and all other things funky. You will be overjoyed to know that this will be the best 8 dollars you have spent this week. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hitler Responds Funkmaster V's Return

Hitler Responds to the Return of Funkmaster V

Between the wrinkles of time and space, Hitler, the biggest hater of funk music of all time, learns of Funkmaster V's return to pro wrestling in East Tennessee. He is not a happy camper. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Funkmaster V Match from ERA TV

First of all, I appreciate the guys at ERA Wrestling for the opportunity to get funky like a monkey in a new area for me... and I really appreciate (spoiler alert) Freak Show 2 tapping to the funky beats and to the Funky Figure Four, but what is the deal with Jon Diamond? If this guy keeps poo pooing me and the talent up there much more, he may get 5 fingers to the face from a whole locker room of soilders! 

So anyways, try to enjoy the match and ignore the haters. 


In case you missed it, or want to see it again, this week's ERA TV is online. This week on ERA TV, hosted by Daniel Terry and Jon Diamond, we get news from the November 10th show. In action two newcomers square off when Fre Ak Show takes on Funkmaster V and in the Main EventJames Cole takes on Dexter York.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1l5v4Bp5iA

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Origin of Funkmaster V Revealed


Funkmaster V was born in my youth with my fascination with the bands on Soul Train, the ABA, the 4 Horsemen and this comic book cover. Thanks to the future we live in and the internet, I FINALLY found this afro-clad super villain re-discovered that his name was Rocket Racer. I have also found out that most Spidey fans hate this villan turn hero, and that this era of Spiderman sucks. I say they are always trying to keep a brother down. I hope my reign as the Defender of the Funk in pro wrestling and in funk-bassin' did this minor comic book character proud.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Funkmaster V in a Board Game!


So you are a wrestler, huh? Have you ever been included in a board game? Here is the brand new Funkmaster V Heroscape card. Weep quietly, you know this cool. Personally, I think I should have more attack... I HAVE been working out and consuming only tuna fish and root beer again, but oh well... I'll take it. At least I'm not like Bob O Mac. The Bob O Mac card has a +2 whiny stat.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Funkmaster V on DJ Drew's Mothership Radio Show

Two hour radio show featuring Funkmaster V and his PYT talking about his last match at EGO PRO with Bob O Mac, White Lightnin' Burlesque, and an interview with Ivan Neville of Dumpstaphunk. There's tons of great music on this link, from the Bar-Kays to Roger and Zapp, golden-era Hip Hop and even a Funkmaster V unreleased tune. If you are cleaning the living room today, press play and be soothed by the Funk. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Five Years in, Top Ten Moments

Top Ten Wrestling Moments
Caught on Tape

On What Happened this Weekend...
I'm posting my favorite ten wrestling moments in a moment, but first I need to address what is happening in my career. If you have been on my facebook account, you have heard that the Mothership is calling me home after ten years of service of promoting Funk Music through music and professional wrestling. I was scheduled to have a goodbye match with Bob O Mac on June 30th at EGO-PRO, but he decided to screw the fans and no-show like the coward he has turned into. I liked beating his manager Warren Peace like a drum, but I'm not leaving East Tennessee beating a binge-drinking 25 pound manager who chain smokes. Mac MacMurray and Barry Allen have decided to force Bob to face me on July 14th, which really will be my last match, in Delano TN. East Tennessee Youtube TV Title vs. EGO-PRO Mid-South TV Title.
EGO PRO HYPE VIDEO: Funkmaster V vs. Bob O Mac
Title for Title- The Rivalry Ends

On What Didn't Make the Top Ten List
For the fans that enjoy what I do and to my wrestling buddies and enemies that have helped shape my East Tennessee wrestling career, I'm listing my Top Ten Wrestling Moments caught on tape. Many great moments are not on video... which sucks. Detroit Funk City's best tag match was probably against the Shenanigans at TXW at Christmas Chaos, but the footage was destroyed. Also, Detroit Funk City vs. Street Dreams at SAW during the SAW - TXW war was incredible, the 300+ crowd was split 50/50, and it felt like someone was going to die that night- BUT I dont have the footage for that. In 2010, I won the fan voted match of the year at TXW: Detroit Funk City vs. The Gathering in the Four Corners of Death (the Maskerade on fire match). That was incredible but too long for Youtube. Additionally, I got the fan voted runner up match of the year in 2010 with my cage match with Bob O Mac, which at the time, was too long for Youtube as well. Then there was the Detroit Funk City's EGO PRO Tag team tournament march, me vs. Bob O Mac at Pro Wrestling All-Stars, me winning the Nitro Wrestling Title victory vs. Tony Blaine and 3 McCains, and tons more that couldn't make the list due to the fact that they aren't on Youtube.
#10- Funkmaster V vs. Dirty Harry Sanchez
I like wrestling because I like kicking people's butts. And I REALLY love kicking skinny people's butts. Here is a video where I maim a kids legs with the figure four leg lock and almost heal a man with a broken neck: The duality of man... am I right?

#9- The Yellow Blood Mist Incident
Back when I didn't care to bend the rules, I would try anything to win. Detroit Funk City was chasing the TXW tag belts when I stumbled onto a strange book at the library. The rest, they say... is history.

#8- The Trial
I've retired more than Terry Funk. But my last return was the most interesting because the Mothership employes children as lawyers and judges, and the day before Christmas they summoned me to court to force me back into the business again. I hate court, but these Funk babies are cute...

#7- Funkmaster V w/ Sassy Frass vs. Conner Cruze w/ Daddy Mack at War Games- TXW Youtube TV Tite Match
Big crowd, big win, and Sassy Frass makes a big impact in the sport of wrestling.

#6- Are You Smarter than a Second Grader???
A big part of why people know Funkmaster V in this area is because of the years that I hosted TXW Main Event TV. Call in television is probably the worst television in history- but at least here I'm with my adorable daughter and she's kicking everyone's rear ends in general knowledge trivia.

#5- KAPOW'S Fan Opportunity of a Lifetime
In 2012, I was selected as Liaison of Funk at KAPOW. This means I ran the show, and I thought it would be fun if we started a program where the fans could win my belt in numerous contests. These kids didn't stand a chance!

#4- Hypnotized by Funk Babies
I enjoy doing videos featuring the Funk Babies on the Mothership, and in this video, they outsmart me during a low point in my feud with Bob O Mac.

#3- Beth O Funk Goes 2-0
I have always been surrounded by beautiful women, but convincing Bob O Mac's young bride to be my manager has always been a favorite coup of mine. Here, I train her the right way in preparation of her wrestling debut: Facing Dr. Cancer in the curtain jerker and later in our intergender 6 man tag match with Demetrya, Maskerade, and Monroe Fayte. Spolier alert! She won both matches!

#2- (TIE) Funkmaster V w/ Beth O Funk vs. Dwayne Windham (Pimp Cup Match)
I like this match because it was so silly. It had to be fun because I got a shard of Pimp Cup in my taint and I still have fond memories of it.

#2- (TIE) Funkmaster V w/ Sassy Frass vs. Beetlejuice - East Tennessee Youtube TV Title Match
If you ever need someone to handle a ghost in a wrestling ring call 1-800-FUNK MAN. I am 1-0 against them.

#1- Kiss Justin Bieber - 5 BUX
When Dwayne was my valet, I made him wear a dress, shot him out of a cannon, made him dress like me and made him drink questionable bovine fluids. But this caper here was my favorite of all! I hope you enjoyed my top 10! Say goodbye with me at EGO PRO July 14th in Delano!!!!

It's Been 5 Years of Hell on Earth
Here's Who I Need to Thank...

I would like to thank "Coast to Coast" Chris Cameron for training me. I would like to thank Billy Marshall, Jerry and Preston Tipton and Chris for trusting me to help out to help make TXW one of the coolest wrestling groups in the area... until 2012 or so, that is. I would like to thank Bob O Mac for bringing me back from the darkside, a gesture that I will never forget and on the 14th I will return the favor. I would also like to thank Beth O Funk for being a dynamite manager and beleiving in the vision of Detroit Funk City... sorry that they almost killed Bob. I would like to thank Mac MacMurray and Dave Jones for the TV show hosting and all the fun we had behind the scenes trying to shape storylines and make decent TV, videos and DVDs. Thanks to Jay Perkey for his support, friendship, and getting kicked in the junk for me by the Creatures of the Night. I would like to thank Buggy Boy for being awesome and being the subject for my first promo. I would like to thank Dwayne Windham for our excellent matches, storylines and all the "gifts" he gave me through the years. I would like to thank the Demon for being my favorite tag partner. I would like to thank the Demon, Shane Daniels, Dwayne Windham and Beth for being in the most unique and bad ass stable in this area... we even won an award for being best faction in the region: long live Detroit Funk City. I would really like to thank Barry Allen and the EGO PRO boys: Warren, Spoony, Ricky, Eddie, Tiger, Octavious, and all the rest for being my second wrestling family to me after my first one went to poopville. Thanks goes to my first wrestling family, the one that was cast aside, quit, or misused but we will remain true TXW lifers in my eyes- Maskerade, Chris Cameron, Ruff Cutt, Bobby Blassie, Bob O Mac, Billy Marshall, Shane Daniels, Dillinger, Dwayne Windham, Tsunami Kid, Jerry Lee, Donovan Daniels, Demetrya, the Forsaken Angels Guild, the Demon, Buggy Boy, Dr. Cancer, Sir Virgo, Allen Sheppard, Nick Taylor, Monroe Fayte, and Violet Adams. Thanks goes to Donovan, Nick, Bubba and Shane Daniels for giving me my most unique spot I ever had in wrestling: the Liasion of Funk at KAPOW wrestling and the OPPORTUNITY of a LIFETIME run... I wish we had more time with that... it could have ended epicly. Speaking of which, my Secretary of Sass, Sassy Frass has only been around me for 6 months or so, but man she has been an excellent entertainer, a consumate professional, beautiful eye candy, a good listener and a dear friend. Also, thanks goes to Brittany Foxx/ Crimson Waters/ Dililah Payne for doubling my pimp status. Thanks to J-Mac for his professionalism in the TXW vs SAW war, Tony Blaine for the opportunity to win his pretty blue belt, Dusty Sharp for the greatest crowd in East Tennessee at Rockwood, Jon Diamond for the TV show that no one saw, and Jagger Sterling (you know what you did). Val Dean Pouncie, Dave Jones, Dave Pillman, Mac MacMurray, Violet Adams, and anyone else who did a solid job doing commentary on my matches. I would like to thank AJ Gann for the worst winning percentage against an opponent. Thanks to all of the promoters that paid to have me wrestle for them, and to all the fans that drove to see me wrestle. I hope you all had fun... Lord knows I did.

East Tennessee Youtube TV Title Match
AKA: Cat Fight between Sassy & Crimson Waters
(STARTS AT 5 Minutes)
The Mothership Radio Show July 12th 8PM
90.3FM with DJ Drew
Funk music, wrestling talk, Funkmaster V tunes debuting!
Knoxville area

EGO PRO Friday July 14th 8PM
East Tennessee Youtube TV Title Match
vs. EGO PRO MID-SOUTH TV TiTLE Funkmaster V vs. Bob O Mac
Delano TN

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kid Loses Opportunity of a Lifetime


Looks like we gotz'em on the run! Since the last update, several wonderful things have taken place in my life. Including successfully defending the East Tennessee Youtube TV Title against all comers.... including the audience members of KAPOW wrestling. I took out Griffin and Tyler with my wizardry at basketballin'. This Saturday, I gotz a contest for the girls.

At EGO-PRO, Tsunami, Sassy Frass and I have fended off the Village people, aka Daddy Mack's Family, so far. I am undefeated this year, and I still have the Youtube TV Title. It has been a big ole challenge, though... I defeated a ghost at IWF, made my old rival Bob O Mac tap out at Pro Wrestling All-Stars, defeated the Money Shot Mafia's Ricky Valentine at KAPOW and Hollywood Kid at Great South Championship Wrestling, tagged with Black Tiger, slapped a man's lazy eye straight and pinned a coboy and an Indian.

Hell, this month I even hosted Sassy Frass's burlesque troop: White Lightnin' Burlesque's come back show. Man, I gotz the life. I have EGO-PRO in Etowah on Friday and KAPOW in Maryville on Saturday. Check us out! We got tons of new videos to make you happy! Oh yeah! How could I forget? Leave it to the Captain of the Funk Train to discover another beautiful young, supple, fembot that will rock the East Tennessee wrestling scene. Stay tuned for more details.

EGO PRO Friday May 25th 7PM
East Tennessee Youtube TV Title Match
Funkmaster V vs. Iron Bear
Etowah TN

KAPOW May 26th 7PM
East Tennessee Youtube TV Title Match
Funkmaster V vs. ????
Alynwick Community Center - MARYVILLE, TN

The amazing photographer, JE May, compiled this really cool poster of mostly past TXW talent and printed it off for a TXW benefit show. TXW raffled it off for a great cause at K-Mart this past weekend... I believe it was the March of Dimes, which we all know is the smallest and most intimidated of all U.S. change. Two things strike me as odd here. One is that my huge ethereal face is floating in the top left corner, everyone knows I'm not as sexy as the Demon. Secondly, I find it odd that in about six months, that at least 60% to 70% (too late to do math) of the people on this poster have severed ties with TXW for one reason or another. And all reasons are not good. Kinda funny to me... if we were all disposable and easily cast aside, why would we be included on a poster that was created to sell. It's kind of like the New York Jets coming up with a poster of all the guys they cut in the last year and they expect them to sell like hotcakes. Or is it? Oh well... wrestling is weird.

I know 6 guys canceled their last Christenberry show, I heard 5 guys no showed the K-Mart show this last weekend... Expect this trend to continue when the family is busted apart and you try to book a show full of guys who don't give a shit about TXW. One day, you will wonder where all of the "catch myself on fire, lose to a girl, wear a dress, job to spot talent, bleed out my face, set the ring up, clean out the back room, code the website, kiss a drag queen, build a stage ramp, take a tiny pay out, eat dog food" guys are and they won't be around. You've taken something special and turned it into a business. Now, get your own floating faces for your poster because I don't want my fans showing up to expect me to be there. Right now I'm turning down bookings, thanks. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

KAPOW appoints Funkmaster V & Sassy Frass in charge!


I told the true believers that big things were afoot. Some people might have felt a little sorry for old Funk leaving TXW after all these years. But do not fret wrestling fans, do not fret. You see, the consortium that bought out KAPOW saw my schedule free up a wee bit and they decided to put a man who knows how to draw fans and entertain the masses in charge. As of March 2012, Funkmaster V is now the liaison of Funk, and Sassy Frass is the secretary of Sass. What does this mean? Stay tuned to find out... but if you watch the above video, find out details on how KAPOW fans can win the newly renamed EAST TENNESSEE YOUTUBE TV TITLE from my cold dead hands in various contests. Yes, you too could be a champion!!!

I would also like to thank Tsunami Kid for helping me and Sassy fend off a 5 on 2 situation at the EGO-PRO show at Rogers Creek. Conner, you have taken this too far. now its 5 on 3, we will see how you will fair now, former friend.

Sweetwater Pro Wrestling April 14th 8PM
East Tennessee Youtube TV Title Match
Funkmaster V vs. Ricky Valntine
Luttreel Community Center - SWEETWATER TN

KAPOW April 20th & 21st 7PM
East Tennessee Youtube TV Title Match
Funkmaster V vs. ????
Allenwick Community Center - MARYVILLE, TN

EGO-PRO April 27th 7PM
Funkmaster V & Sassy Frass in action

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Funkmaster V Splits with TXW


FROM THE MOTHERSHIP: My return to the wrestling ring this year has had it's ups and downs. It started off with a bang. I debuted a new manager, the lovely and talented dancer: Sassy Frass. At TXW in January, I defeated my #2 rival of all time, Dwayne Windham in a good match that went back and forth and thrilled the fans. My return to TXW, along with Menace and Shawn Shultz and the rest of the young lads on the show, more than doubled the crowd from the month before. I won the TXW Youtube TV Title, being only the second man to ever have done such a thing, and as many guys have said, that belt is the "most over" and coveted strap in the area.

Some folks would quickly discard this, but I finished in a heavily participated online poll that suggested that I was in the top 16 most popular wrestlers in the area. I agree with Shawn Shultz in the fact that this was something of consequence... a tool to help you gauge how you are doing in the sport. To win it is better than to lose it? Right? Right. Considering that I was gone for 8 months when this poll took place, I was happy with the result. Next, I defended the belt against Conner Cruze and made him tap at a PACKED house in Sweetwater at EGO-PRO's War Games, and again, at Knoxville's TXW, they had a bigger house when I rolled up Maskerade for the 1-2-3 in Feburary... but that's when the year started to go haywire for me. I have no idea the reason, but suddenly, several behind the scenes guys were talking behind my back or telling me to my face, tons of critiques. I was getting so much of this that they all started to contradict themselves. It would be like someone saying "don't do this" and the next guy would say "do that". Or someone would critique something that would happen in my match, and the other guy would do that exact thing in his match. Its hard to understand really what was going on behind the scenes. After thinking about it until my thinker was sore, I concluded that I was having strong matches, the shows I were booked on were drawing bigger and bigger houses, and the fans were thrilled that I was back, and really... the only thing that mattered was that the fans were enjoying my matches. So in conclusion, as J-Mac and Shawn Streets would say, "Haterz Gonna Hate". I honestly try to listen to people that blazed the trail in this sport, but sometimes I wonder if some people have a friggin' clue, no matter how long they were in the business.

No matter what people think of me as a wrestler, there is one thing I know... that in and out of a wrestling ring, I know how to entertain a crowd. I have been doing that very thing as a comedian to a musician to a disc jockey and beyond for YEARS. I could justify myself on here and expose the business like everyone else does, but I'm not going to fuel the fire. In conclusion on this, I will just say that TXW and I have parted ways amicably. They even have retired the TXW Youtube TV Title and let me keep it "out of respect" for what I did for that company... which was a ton... but I appreciate the nod and the plesant public notice they posted on Facebook. They didn't do that for other people that deserved the same courtesy, but hey... it's still was a nice gesture. TXW gave me my start in pro wrestling, and most of my favorite sport moments happened in a TXW wrestling ring. It's kind of weird to wrestle for a place for three years, take 8 months off, and then come back for 2 matches and then leave again. Its kind of like an off again on again relationship with some old tart, but when its over, its over. After thinking about this, I concluded this was a positive move for my career, too. I hadn't been pinned or submitted at TXW since my cage match with Bob O Mac back in June of 2010. I was ranked as high as #3 in PWI, and for years (probably because of the TV show) several people considered me the face of the company... but did I ever get one TXW Heavyweight Title shot at TXW? ONE? Nope. I kept getting leapfrogged by folks like Dillinger and Tsunami Kid and Bobby Blassie and Bob O Mac and Ron Sexton and so on. Would one match, one oppurtunity for me killed them? One shot at the belt? Give the old funker a damn chance? Apparently not. I was winning Heavyweight Championships here and there... but I wasn't good enough to be TXW's champion, I guess. It starts to make you think about what TXW thought of me. Did anyone listen to me during the TXW vs. SAW invasion? Nope. Everyone waited with baited breath on what Bob O Mac was going to do. I got thrown under the bus, and what happened? SAW is no more... ripped to shreds by the backstage turmoil that could have been stopped if everyone listened to me when I said you couldn't trust Shane Daniels, Dwayne Windham, and Warren Peace... all of which left TXW after it was over anyways... AND THEN BOB O MAC TURNED HIS BACK ON THE FANS!!!! Did anyone make the match I was promised: Funkmaster V vs. Bob O Mac to bring him back to sanity.... or at least whip him so bad he would come back to his senses and quit dumping on the fans? This is what I was promised when I came back... and really it was the only reason I came back to TXW was to help a old friend get Figure Four'd back to his senses. But......... nope. That changed too. Sometimes, you just wake up and realize that its time to move on. Toot Toot... the Funk Train's leaving the station.

Now, on the brightside. My relationship with EGO-PRO is stronger than it ever has been. Like TXW, I enjoy several behind the scenes friendships with many people associated with that show. But EGO-PRO has always been different. At TXW, all of us worked hard, side by side, to bring that show up to what it was. At EGO-PRO, I have always been treated with respect first, and that has always stuck out in my mind. I have never had any heat with anyone there, and for the most part, they have treated me great. Also, Sassy Frass and I have been invited to participate in a few new projects which sound cool. But, back to wrestling, many other shows in the area are interested in using my funk powers, so much so I can't do them all. In fact, I have a unique oppurtunity with one in the near future.

2012 has been a weird ride on the Funk Train so far. I have learned that at the end of the day, it comes down to you and you alone, and the people that you are dealing with on the business side of things. It doesn't matter what your friends or family or fans or fellow wrestlers think. It doesn't matter what you are told, it matters what is happening. It's all business. So, if I can't beat them... I will join them. Basically, and Aretha said it best.... it's all about respect. Stay tuned for exciting news from the Mothership that will surely pop up on some Facebook wrestling page that judges us with anonymity from afar. Now, enjoy some videos.

TXW Youtube TV Title Match
Funkmaster V vs. Dwayne Windham

TXW Youtube TV Title Match
Funkmaster V vs. Conner Cruze

EGO PRO TV 3714/12
Funkmaster V & SassyFrass Promo at 18:52

KAPOW Main Event (Funkmaster V Commentary)

EGO-PRO March 18th 7PM
Knocks-Area Youtube TV Title Match
Funkmaster V vs. Conner Cruze
North Meigs Elementary DECATUR TN

EGO-PRO March 30th 7PM
Knocks-Area Youtube TV Title Match
Funkmaster V vs. ????

KAPOW March 31st 7PM
Major Announcement
Funkmaster V & Sassy Frass
Alnwick Community Center MARYVILLE TN

Friday, January 20, 2012

Funkmaster V Wins TXW Youtube TV Title


Jan 20th 2011
Not only did I return to TXW and defeated a wiley Dwayne Windham for the TXW Youtube TV Title... I looked good doing it with my new valet, Sassy Frass from White Lightin' Burlesque. I'm thrilled being only the 2nd wrestler to repeat as this belt's champion. TXW has allowed me to defend the belt at EGO PRO this month against my old friend Conner Cruze in Sweetwater on the 28th, and if I win, I will be taking on Lance Blaze at TXW, defending the belt. I have never battled either wrestler, so this will be a tall test for me. I'll be continuing strength training this week for my upcoming match with the tiny hippie, Conner Cruze, and then gonna work on cardio and mat work for my match with big ole Lance Blaze at TXW on the 4th. Tanning and afro shaping for both. That's the funk way.