Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Funk is Keen on Halloween

More big stuff added to the Wrestling With Ghosts Team's schedule!!!

 - 10/6 - Story on us for WBIR 10 News in Knoxville as we take their reporters around for some Halloween Paranormal fun.
- 10/7 - Black Harvest for KFW, River Park Plantation Resort in Sevierville. Big and Funky are set to continue the Slap The Souff In The Mouff Tour.
- 10/9 - Big Luke set to beat up some hillbillies for Great American Wrestling at the Fountainhead College of Technology. Special appearance by Funkmaster V and Justin Richards.
- 10/10 - recording the inaugural Wrestling With Ghosts Podcast
- 10/11 - The team is back on the news for FOX43
- 10/12 - Fundraiser Investigation for the Humane Society where you can join us on a Ghost Hunt and Beth's Birthday!!!. Location to be announced very soon.
- 10/22 - EGO PRO Wresting in Athens TN as apparently some more Hillbillies want to try us.
What, you thought we were playing? This isn't even the HUGE announcement we can't tell you about.