Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WFUNK's Two for Tueday

Just like your cheesy hometown radio station, WFUNK is kicking out "Two for Tuesday". Choice selection number one is a music video that was shot by Fembot 2001 for an old song from the mind of Funkmaster V... "Time to Rise". The video portrays a dystopian future where nomadic Evil Music Suckas will be destroyed by musical overlord Funkmaster V if the populace refuses to "Believe in the Funk." This video stars Gretchen Vineyard, Funkmaster V on bass, JR Horn on guitar, Brian "Wooly Bully" Smith on drums, robots, and various nomads. So here you go...
Funkmaster V & the Funkmaster V "Time to Rise"

Choice selection number two is episode 6 from God Makes Beautiful Things. This podcast features an energetic Big Luke Walker and a sick Funkmaster V as they run down the essential topics: strippers, touchy wrestlers, Game of Thrones nudity and more. The main points of interest in this show however, are the fellas opinions on "shooting" in a wrestling ring, and the boys expose one of the admin's hidden identities behind the controversial "Trash Bag Wrestlers" webpage.
God Makes Beautiful Things #6 (Spuds Equals Duds)

"God Makes Beautiful Things" is also available through an audio only/ mobile friendly version on the Offshoots Network Podcasts.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Funkmaster V's Undefeated Streak of His Own!

Since Funkmaster V has been back on a mission to stop Shane Daniel's undefeated streak, Funk has amassed some impressive wins and has got a little win streak of his own: Daniel Mulligan, Demetrya, Josh Turner, Mick O'Malley, Cody Raines and most recently Shawn Rage have been derailed by the Funk Train. Check him out coming up at ETCW, SAW, and EGO-PRO has he tries to make history!

Here is the match that some say was an upset: Funkmaster V and Shawn Rage. Here Funkmaster uses the Funky Figure Four to win another match... this time indirectly. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Tough Enough Audition!

Watch this and ask yourself if "The Black Panther" Funkmaster V is Tough Enough for the WWE. Then buy yourself a nice, little something... from us to you.

Two Matches this weekend! Let me say it again... YOU WILL RUN!!!! TELL EVERYONE!!!!