Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November to Remember

This is a slightly lighter month for me... although that could change. Stay on top of the Funk Train to catch me or one of my teams "live".

***Nov 2- Catch Funkmaster V's closing argument from "The Not so Great Debate 3" from Vito Thomaselli and

***Nov 2- Funkmaster V is "Drug Buyer" on Homicide Hunter's episode 611. I do all the pool shots and ate quinoa for the first time in my life at catering

***Nov 5- Funkmaster V will be featured in a Nationwide "Why I Will Vote For Gary Johnson" Video.

***Nov 7- "Wrestling with Ghosts" is on international radio! We will be interviewed by Jay Lynch from ZTalk Radio Network

***Nov 18- Big N Funky vs. the Southern Bad Boys at KFW Pigeon Forge, TN

Keep an eye out for us and like SMARTParanormal on Facebook... and also Vinnie Vineyard (Funkmaster V)