Thursday, August 22, 2013

SUGAR AND SPICE!!! We Got Online Merchandise

FINALLY!!!! We got the online Merchandise situation under control, now go buy some stuff. Proudly located on ETSY, the Name of the store is THE MOTHERSHOP CONNECTION!

Funkmaster V's stuff can now be bought and sold online like a real man's stuff can. Flipside Runner CD's, DVDs, Funkmaster V T-shirts, DVDs... soon to include Lunchboxes, action figures, Funkmaster V's EGO PRO Championship replica belts for kids, Pimp Cups from our factory in Alabama and more!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Funk in the Papers Again

Funkmaster V can travel through time, create fire out of his fist, surround himself with beautiful women, lay down grooves, and play the low post at 5'10. But Funk's most amazing trick of late is vowing revenge in a newspaper and avoiding arrest. Check out the paper and come out to Wartburg for pro-rasslin this Saturday!

I would also like to comment on the EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship that was defended last night. Steven Cadillac Cowboy Burns was double tough and took everything I had to throw at him in the beginning and kept coming back for more. He stopped the Red Fist of Funk twice, and didn't tap out to the figure four. The match ended in a double DQ because my boys in DFC were brawling with the tricks now known as Damage Inc and they came into the ring. 

The effect of Cadillac Cowboy's thunderous chops

The way I see it, Damage Inc cost me my winner's purse, so on Sept 27th, I get to tag with the boys in Detroit Funk City in a must see return match... Funkmaster V, The Demon, and Dwayne Windham vs. Cadillac Cowboy, Brad Cash, and Corey Magnum. Good luck losers! 

Check the website for new updates! Results/ Pix/ Media links are updated.

Also, here I am riding a purple girls' bike like a boss for a SAW Wrestling commercial. Learn to deal.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Funkmaster V's custom EGO PRO Championship Belt reeks of Awesome

Funkmaster V EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship title reign June 2013- ??? Each side plate represents a major part of Funkmaster V lore and the story of his rise to the top of one of the best wrestling promotions in the region.

The first plate (from the left) features the skyline of Detroit, to symbolize the dominance of the stable Detroit Funk City. It included Beth McClure, Dwayne Windham, Shane Daniels, and the Demon

The second plate features a bass, representing the years I have spent solidifying myself as a Funkmaster in the music world. 

The next plate features the Red Fist of Funk- the flaming finisher I have debuted this year.

The last plate features the flowers I used to propose to Beth O Funk in front of my wife and kids, and the establishment of my relationship with the lovely funkettes that have accompanied me to the ring since. 

Come out Saturday to see me defend this handsome strap against the Cadillac Cowboy at EGO PRO!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Funkmaster V Says Boo!

Wassup Funk Nation??? It's been a wild summer for the Funky One fo' sho, and I would like to thank all of the believers for making it the best summer of old Funkers career. I was the Cover Story of the Maryville Daily Times, I've been on several radio shows and podcasts, and I won the EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship and the East Tennessee Youtube TV Title in the same night, and Detroit Funk City seems to be reforming. You can help me make it even better!!!

If you click this link, please vote for Funkmaster V for your Favorite Indy Wrestler and also "The Phoenixx" Brittany Foxx as your favorite Grapple Girl in the Grapple Magazine poll. Grapple Magazine is poised to be an awesome new wrestling magazine featuring world wide superstars and regional indy rasslin heroes! We will appreciate the love!!!

Also, big Tony made the Pimp Cup that I broke in the infamous Pimp Cup match of 2009 with Dwayne Windham... I always felt bad that it shattered. Well, here is some pop-art he made for me I PROMISE I will not break! Thanks Tone the Bone!!!