Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"OFFSHOOTS" Wrestling Podcast

Funkmaster V & Luke Walker talk about Severe Attitude Wrestling, Independent Wrestling and other jive. (Watch out for LANGUAGE THAT MAY OFFEND)


If you like the three "F's":
Funk, F-bombs, and Fine Radio Boobs ---- this is the Podcast Broadcast fo' yo ass

Friday, January 23, 2015

Funkmaster is a Murder Suspect and a Velvety Voice This Weekend

Ole' Funkmaster is playing a diabolical son-of-a son-of-a on the upcoming episode of "Murder Comes to Town".

Investigation Discovery's Murder Comes to TownSeason 2 Episode  5 - Premiers Monday Jan 26th at 10pm EST
 "He'd Do it Again" 


"Tucked along Washington's Willapa Bay, the sleepy city of South Bend is the kind of small town where not only does everyone know their neighbor’s name, but their entire family tree. But when the well-liked South Bend native, Tim Moore, seemingly vanishes one cold November night, residents begin to realize they may not know the folks next door as well as they thought."

Investigation Discovery can be found in Knoxville area on:

Channel 111 - Comcast
Channel 285 - DIRECTTV
Channel 113 - Charter
Channel 192 - DISH

The New Severe Attitude Wrestling
Jan 24th- Boys And Girls Club Maryville TN 7PM
 Check this link and come watch some of the best wrestling in East Tennessee. Luke Walker and I will be laying down the commentary to educate the masses and making all the women swoon.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bruno Mars on Ellen Singing His Song About Us.

My man Bruno Mars was on Ellen just now singing his song he wrote for my cab company. He did awesome. As he says... "We'll come and get ya..."