Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kid Funk-Lawyers Force Funk Back in Action!!!


Dec 27th 2011
Short history lesson here: Funkmaster V considered Bob O Mac the only guy in the sport that put his faith, the fans, and the respect of the business above all. Recently, Bob O Mac has slipped into the darkness that can easily take good people in this sport and slowly change them for the worse and could ruin his reptation forever. Funk considers Bob his best friend, and has been highly upset by his recent behavior. Both Barry Allen at EGO-PRO and Billy Marshall at TXW has called Funk out of retirement to try to straighten out Bob O Mac and bring him back to his old self. Funk has reluctantly accepted.

TXW: Funkmaster V vs. Dwayne Windham Jan 7th 7:30PM
TXW Youtube TV Title Match
Milton Roberts Rec Center KNOXVILLE TN

EGO PRO: Funkmaster V vs. ???
More info TBA


Friday, November 11, 2011

Funkmaster V to Special Guest Ref

Funkmaster V Returns to EGO PRO
The Dustin Currier Memorial Tournament

Nov 11th 2011
Funkmaster V may not be ready for ring action any time soon, but he has been selected to be the Special Guest Referee for the EGO PRO Dustin Currier Memorial Tournament Final Nov 12th in Sweetwater TN. The 8 man tournament, honoring the memory of a fallen fan and friend of EGO PRO Wrestling, Dustin Currier, will not only award a wrestler a Championship Trophy, the winner's purse, but also a new title to be debuted at the conclusion of the final. The combatants of the tournament include the likes of Bob O Mac, Dwayne Windham, Spoony Mack, Tsunami Kid, Dr. Cancer, Johnny Wreckless, and others.

Nov 12th 2011
Sweetwater Armory in Sweetwater TN
7:30PM $3

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Funkmaster V Plays Wallypalooza!!!

Funkmaster V In Concert!
Funkmaster V and the Funkmaster V Sept 1st!

Aug 21st 2011
Morris Day and Rose Royce made love and Rick James watched the tape and put it in Sly Stone's mailbox and Larry Graham burned it and said a prayer. Nine months later the greatest and best Funk band of all time was born: Funkmaster V and the Funkmaster V will be at Wallypalooza night one. Eat it.

Sept 1st
Confused Bar N Grill
6PM Start Time, Funkmaster V and the Funkmaster V at 11PM
All Ages, $5 Cover

Friday, July 8, 2011

Funkmaster V in the News-Sentinel

Funkmaster V News Article

Funkmaster V Switches Moves Once More
(Click Here For the Article)

July 8th 2011
Got some cool linkage in my retirement here for ya, including a Knoxville News Sentinel article by Jer Cole discussing my return to music, my last match against Jim Miller, and a pretty funny vignette with Barry Allen, Spoony Mack, Tsunami Kid, and Ricky Valentine. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Funkmaster V Retires

End of the Line for the Funk Train

One of Funkmaster's Favorite Vignettes
May 3rd 2011
Well, I won't get too sappy for everyone, but it looks like the end of the road for Funkmaster V in the world of Pro Wrestling. I accomplished everything I ever wanted to in the world of wrestling, from winning a Heavyweight Championship to being mentioned several times in national wrestling magazines to hosting a popular TV show for two years to making a kick butt Documentary about my friend Billy Marshall. The knee is bad, but I'll be back, funk-babies in some new form of entertainment!!! Stay tuned and remember to believe in the funk!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

TXW vs. SAW - Nitro Heavyweight Championship

TXW vs. SAW.... Nitro Heavyweight Championship

April 8th 2011
It's been a wild couple of months since I concluded my rivalry with Dwayne Windham... and my revenge on the Creatures of the Night has been on hold, since Severe Attitude Wrestling has declared war on my home group, TXW. While I battle SAW's best with the likes of Demon and Shane Daniels... who are my enemies, my friend Bob O Mac has been oddly silent in the war. I wonder if he is the mole bewteen the two groups? Have they got to Bob O Mac??? I fear that if we don't a get some good leadership, TXW will be out of business by the end of summer.

Now, on a positive note, the FUNK has been brought to a few new areas on a regular basis... Tennessee Pro Wrestling in Rockwood, Knoxville Wrestling, and Nitro Heavyweight Wrestling in New Market. The last of which I have successfully defeated their long running champion, Tony Blaine, for my first Heavyweight Championship in Tennessee. Check out the sexiness below and try to contain your enthusiasm. Keep up with me on Facebook... and I will let you know where the Funk Train is headed next.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Justin Bieber: My Story

Justin Bieber: My Story

Jan 5th 2011
It's kinda funny how time flies. It only seems like yesterday when I was kicked out of Detroit Funk City after my cage match with Bob O Mac. Me taking out DFC, or Creatures of the Night, as they are called now, has taken ALOT longer than I first thought it would. Well, I'm happy to report that the first member has fallen. As of Christmas Chaos 4, Dwayne Windham will no longer be a problem. Our Chain on a Pole Match was awesome, and I got the poor boy to tap out with the chain around my kneebrace in the Funky Figure Four Grapevine. I think he is still whimpering.

The TXW Owners and brass have asked Barry and I to tag team up against Street Dreams in what they are calling an "Olive Branch Match" to keep the peace between S.A.W. and TXW. This is another problem that the Creatures have started that I am sweeping up after. Whatever, I will do what I am told.... but I would much rather get my hands on Shane Daniels at this point. The Demon... I am saving for last.

On some positive FUNK news, I won 2 year end fan voting awards at EGO-PRO, I am up for a handful at TXW, and I am currently ranked in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated mag on the stands out now. I am debuting at TPW in Rockwood's National Guard Armory on Jan 8th against the 7 foot tall Pyscho Ward, and I have a Heavyweight Title Shot at Nitro Wrestling in Knoxville. Looks like 2011 is shaping up to be a good year for the old Funky One, especially if the Jets win the Super Bowl. So why don't you enjoy a song and recap of Dwayne and Funkmaster's feud below: