Thursday, January 16, 2020

Happy New Years from the FUNK


We are happy to announce that Carol from the Walking Dead is our Nature show host!!! ASY TV and ASY Paranormal had to regrettably split with Tom Cruise. Angry dude. Whatevs. Everything will be better, now... though. Just relax. Melissa Suzanne McBride got this... Relaaaaaaaaaaaax. It’s better! #thewalkingdead #lookattheflowers #asyparanormal


The puppet versions of the cast of ASY Paranormal's "Wrestling With Ghosts" hosts sci-fi movies and embark on adventures of their own. From killing zombies with bass guitars to being prejudiced against gay frogs, you never know what Big Luke, Funkmaster V, and Travis Graves will get into. #bmovies #asyparanormal #wrestlingwithghosts


This sequel from Big N Funky Productions finds another security guard all alone in a remote luxury hotel that employs him, a year after another security guard went missing on night shift. Will he suffer the same fate??? #asytv #asyparanormal #wrestlingwithghosts #heywhoaeasy

EP27 Funkmaster V

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome back to Paranormal Heart. Were you can now enjoy the show twice a month, the second Sunday and the last Sunday of each month.
My first guest of 2020 has an impressive background. "Star of "Wrestling With Ghosts", Pro wrestler, Ghost Hunter, bounty hunter, funk-basser, actor, Atarian, Libertarian, owns Funkmaster V's Uptown Cabs of Renown." I introduce to you, the multi talented Funkmaster V himself.
This episode I have the honour of having a guest narrator. My buddy Dixie Cryptid reads us an interesting Bigfoot story. Don't worry, Jon will be back with his crazy Oddities very soon. 
Much love to you all and thanks for listening.
Funkmaster V can be found at:

Wednesday, December 4, 2019


NATURE SHOW!!! and are proud to present our new Nature program, featuring everyone's favorite Scientologist, Tom Cruise's Nature: Impossible

(NOT SAFE FOR WORK, my babies)

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Watch Partay!!!

Wrestling With Ghosts, Episode 2.4
"Be Ghoul to Your Scuel"

OK- here's the deal.
1) There is a BRAND NEW FREE episode of "Wrestling With Ghosts" available Halloween at this link:
2) It is a Youtube watch party, starting at 10PM EST... it runs for 40 minutes. You can chat with colleagues, fans, friends and the crew of Wrestling With Ghosts.

3) If you have ASY Paranormal, you can watch it early.
4) It will be up FREE for a week.
5) It is an investigation of Poasttown Elementary in Middleton Ohio. It features Susan Held CurtisMaggie Renea and Russell B Hank, it involves a wandering, malevolent possible spirit, connected to Joe Vitale and many others nationwide.
6) The team runs into at least two, possible spirits.
7) Hi-Jinks will be had. Join us, will you?
8) This episode features new music from Joshua Jordan, narration by Vito Thomaselli, and extra footage provided by Joe Vitale.
9) If you like what you see, consider subscribing to ASY where new episodes of Wrestling With Ghosts, It Happened to Me, Paranormal Mysteries, Hack's Horror Show, Alone in the Dark, and Haunted Graves will be released with weeks of one another.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

More Cons and Halloween Nuttiness!

Creature Con & More!

It's Halloween time, and this month is going to be off the chain for ASY Paranormal and the show Wrestling With Ghosts!!! Come take the trip with us!!!

Wrestling With Ghosts 
to speak and have a booth at the Creatures, Legends, and Lore con. 
 The team that brought you the Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference invites you to the first annual Creatures, Legends, and Lore Conference. This event will have two conference halls, 12 speakers, and will run 2 hours longer. It will be held on October 12, 2019 at the Gatlinburg Convention Center.

We will be assembling some of America's most experienced Bigfoot & Cryptid Researchers along with Paranormal Experts, and Extraterrestrial Investigators. We will share each addition as soon as it is official. We will also bring back the full panel of speakers for each track for a Q&A session. You will also find vendors, photo ops, presentations, and autograph opportunities. Feel free to dress up.

Visit the website for more info, tickets and more:

Halloween Watch Party
New Wrestling With Ghosts Episode!!!

Halloween night, starting at 10PM EST, you can watch a brand new episode of Wrestling With Ghosts FOR FREE! The link will be provided later in the month, so make sure you keep an eye out for it so you chat with Big Luke and Funkmaster V LIVE with as we watch WWG invade the famed Poastown school in Middleton Ohio!!! 

WWG vs. Allan Miller's Ghost Walk

We are in communication with Allan Miller to do ANOTHER ghost walk (we did a great one in 2017) in what the team calls, the most haunted city in the United States: Lafollette Tennessee. Stay tuned for the dates! This will be a one time opportunity as we tour the city's paranormal hot spots together!!! 

Paranormal, Eh? Funkmaster V Interview

Funkmaster V and the guys at Paranormal, Eh? delve into Funkmaster V's ideas about the paranormal, pro wrestling, and how Canadians think they won the War of 1812. They are liars. Here's the link:

New ASY Paranormal Programming

ASY Paranormal is the newest all Paranormal network in the biz, and this month we are featuring new shows for Wrestling With Ghosts, Paranormal Mysteries, Haunted Graves and Hack's Horror Show. NOT TO MENTION THE NEW MOVIES! For a measly $2.99, you get all of this great entertainment on your phone, tablet, computer, TV and whatever else gets invented that will blow your mind.
NFL... What the Hell?

If you dislike our paranormal jive, we resorted back to our comedic stylings to appease those of us disenfranchised by the insane NFL rule changes and the hatred of the Patriots. Give it a whirl............ we thought it was cute. Special thanks to comedian Lance Adams and announcer Jason Bush for the oral love (not like that- ya freaks)

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Cil-Con this Weekend!!!

ASY Paranormal & WWG
invade Mattoon Illinois

This weekend in Mattoon Illinois!
Big Luke, Funkmaster V and Travis Graves will be preaching the good news of ASY Paranormal and giving event attendees a chance at being on some new shows! At our booth, we can film you telling a personal ghost story for the 2nd season of "It Happened to Me..." on ASY Paranormal.
For more info about this massively cool convention, check out their Facebook Event Page Here.

Mini Bio: Wrestling With Ghosts is a paranormal TV show shown exclusively on The main cast members, Big Luke, Funkmaster V, and Travis Graves are pro wrestler/ comedians... and their technique known as "The Charge" has produced some of the most unique paranormal evidence in TV show history.

Monday, August 19, 2019

New Podcast and New ASY Paranormal Show!

fEeL aLl ThE nEwNeSs!


ASY Paranormal's newest show features rock n roller Kandi Thompson (Hesperian) and Pro Wrestler Travis Graves (KFW) investigating cemeteries, grave yards, and other burial sites that have stories of the paranormal and unexplained attached to them. Subscribe for this NEW show and others like it at


ASY Paranormal's got its first corporate sponsor! But........ what's wrong with these things? 


We've been quiet for a few weeks... here is why. We've been preparing for BEAUTIFUL THINGS! Our new podcast and YOU can participate LIVE every Sunday night at 6pm EST right here on FACEBOOK! Power to the People!

The show will feature a randomized subject generator, and Funkmaster V and Big Luke will have to stay on their toes to keep up with all the "Beautiful Things" the Mothership computer kicks out. You can participate too! Join the broadcasts at: