Thursday, October 7, 2021

Halloween Tricks and Treats


It's been a minute since our last update, and there's a bunch to go over. First, we have new merch! Every week or so for the foreseeable future, we will feature a new T-shirt or other funky product in the Big N Funky Merchandise store! This week is an exciting selection created by Luke's daughter JD Walker: The Skunk!!! Check out the description of the funkiest cartoon horror T-shirt you ever did see:

Have you ever felt like ole Forest Ranger Billy? Anytime you see a skunk, you just gotta call it a moron? Well, we at Big N Funky Productions feel ya. And by purchasing a shirt, you don't have to act out on secret violent compulsions, just express your hatred the old passive aggressive way: Cute T-Shirts!!! Click the link to buy today! There's a 15% off sell!!!!

Here's the link:  Big N Funky Merchandise

WJHC AM Premiere!!!

We are only a few days away from announcing when and where you can see the new comedy/horror movie WJHC AM! We are thinking its going to be at the Maryville Drive In in Maryville (duh). Here is a brief synopsis of movie #2 in the Smoky Mountain Chronicles... GET HYPE: 

A smart ass DJ wants to start a career in radio, but the only place that will hire him is an old Southern Gospel Radio station. His first night shift happens during Y2K AND the rapture. Literally, all hell breaks loose.

New Podcast Time and Place

The gang is changing the weekly hour long podcast to Thursdays at 8PM. The link for the show is on Vinnie Vineyard's Facebook, Big N Funky's Productions Facebook, or it lives on Youtube here:



Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Big n Funky News All Up Inz

Big N Funky News All Up Inz

The summer is rolling right along and Big N Funky Productions is funking right through it. The filming is completed for WJHC AM, and you can watch the newest teaser trailer above with that crazy theater kid Brittany Knappen playing the freakishly spooky Heavenly Messenger. This comedy horror is a fable about Y2K and the return of Christ asking the question: What would happen if a smart ass, out of place DJ had to defend a southern gospel radio station from the evils of the apocalypse? In this clip you'll get to experience many cast members as we showcase actual movie footage for the first time: Big Luke Walker, Travis Graves, Tracy Yaste, Kirby Gocke, comic Boston McNown, referee Pat Reilly, Sam Shultz, Amber Shultz, Comic/ Magician Danny Whitson, Tony "Hack" Covington, Keith Gavins, Danny Witmer, Hot Springs DJ Amy Hale, wrestler King Katie Gannon, The Walking Dead's Insane Lane, the southern gospel stylings of Jesse Lunsford, burlesque dancer Heather Noelle, Pro Wrestler "Rock-C" Sheena Layne, comedian Lance Adams's voice, Funkmaster V (Vinnie Vineyard) and his sister Leann's cat. The editing will start right away and should be done for Halloween.

Wrestling With Ghosts is Back!

After a year hiatus from ghost hunting, WWG is back. This week we are releasing episode 3.2 simply titled "Indian Cave". Kandi Thompson headed up this investigation, and the fellas loved this unique location so much that they decided to shoot much of their debut movie "The Hike" there. Things get pretty creepy in the back of that cave, and this episode features some gnarly EVPs and possible visual evidence of the paranormal. Not only is this episode going to air on ASY TV this week, it will be in the rotation at Intrigue TV: a small television network that broadcasts in 8 American cities from New York down to Memphis. We are excited! 

Episode 3.3 "The Horsefly Chronicles" is being edited this week and will be released in early September. This episode centers around an infamous private residence and a family that has been wrestling with a residing presence for years. This home even has a closed off room which they call "the portal", that features many haunted objects. 

Evil Tacos

ASY TV Owner Brandon Bishop is now in the movie making business, and his first movie will be a comedy horror (of course) starring Big Luke Walker and Funkmaster V. It's set to release in 2022. Here's what Brandon has to say about it:

"EVIL TACOS is in it's early production stages and we need YOU to make this delicious crispy horror comedy something that die hard fans of classics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Nightmare of Elm Street and others will add to their list of favorites!"

Here's a link to the Proof of Concept Video

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The Hike/ WJHC AM all Over the News

 The Hike/ WJHC AM all Over the News

Funkmaster V got interviewed by the lovely Abby Marie on WVLT TV about "The Hike" film fest awards and the other Big N Funky movies! Click the link for the video:

Click For the Link Below

The Hike Cleans Up in Mumbai India!

"The Hike" was nominated for 3 awards at the 12th Accord Cine Fest in India, and won in ALL THREE categories. Similarly to the ADIFF in St. Petersburg, Russia, the movie won awards for both comedy AND horror. A rare achievement for any movie, and something I am wildly proud of. On July 3rd, we won for Best Comedy, Best Thriller, and Best Writing. BELIEVE IN THE FUNK!!! #wvlt #thehike2020 #thehike2021 #thehikemovie #campsmokey #spearfinger #cherokee #smokymountainchronicles #wjhcam #accordcinefest #mumbaiindia #bestcomedy #bestwriting #abbymarie #abbykousouris

Article in Smoky Mountain Press

Click for the link below

My name is not Vincent, but this story is an otherwise terrific article about "The Hike" getting on Amazon Prime and the fight getting it to a world wide platform. It also mentions WJHC AM and Camp Smokey.

#smokymountainpress #jessicawebb #campsmokey #brysoncity #wjhcam

Monday, June 21, 2021

The Hike is FREE on Amazon Prime!

 The Hike is FREE on Amazon Prime!

It’s been a 10 month knife fight that included hiking up mountains, sustaining injuries, editing for months, fighting giants, hopping through industry hoops, promoting and navigating the legal side of making an independent movie with a handful of friends. But after Kandi Thompson’s best actress win on Friday at the Smoky Mountain Film Fest and The Hike being available on Amazon Prime… I think it is safe to say that this “Clerks in the Blair Witch Project” comedy horror has achieved more than it should. If you want to give us a Fathers Day gift, watch it (it’s free) and give us a positive review. Then, share the movie on your own social media. Tell the kids it’s R rated… one jabrone says the “F” a lot… and... ya know... boobs. Thanks for the dozens who have helped. Expect more madness from the mothership soon.

#thehike #thehike2020 #thehike2021 #thehikemovie #bignfunkyproductions

Friday, June 18, 2021

WJHC AM Poster Released!!!

 WJHC AM Poster!!!

Will Trotter's new poster is here! By taking a look at it, we can deduce a few things about the movie... First of all, there are some good looking women in this thing, and a few dorky dudes to boot. Next... red and black... OOOOHH SCARY! The big red cross on the antenna suggests this is a religious radio station, and the lady on the right appears the be praising the Lord... or trying to hail a taxi. There are birds flying at night, a red moon, and it says its a Fable about Y2K... when many people thought that would be the end of the world, so that can't be good. Red eyeballs in the forest too... and a lady smoking while pregnant... hmmm. Also... good looking women. Oh... I said that already. 

Looks pretty good so far. The gang is reporting that shooting is actually on schedule, and the thing should be released within a few months. Let's hope the kids can get the damn thing on a streaming service faster than they did "The Hike". 

#wjhcam #thesmokymountainchronicles #bignfunkyproductions

Thursday, May 20, 2021

News About the Smoky Mountain Chronicles and mo'

 News About the Smoky Mountain Chronicles and Mo'

If you have taken a break from Big N Funky Productions for the last year, you may be surprised to find out that we are taking a break from making our paranormal TV shows on ASY TV, and we are focusing on making horror/comedy movies. We have finished "The Hike", which has garnered positive reviews and success at film festivals, including a few honorable mentions and wins for First Time Directors (Walker, Vineyard) and Best Comedy Scene "Bestiality the Wrestler".

We are smack dab in the middle of shooting movie number 2, which is entitled "WJHC AM". The first teaser trailer dropped last night, and the mini synopsis about the movie from IMDB is: 

"A smart ass DJ wants to start a career in radio, but the only place that will hire him is an old Southern Gospel Radio station. His first night shift happens during Y2K AND the rapture. All hell breaks loose."

Here is the link to the trailer:

We are also pretty stoked to release our first comedy sketch in 2021. It features most of the old Big N Funky gang, plus a pretty attractive newcomer Katie Gannon. Check out her chops and the rest of the gang here: Let's Make it Weird

Speak of the devil, our Youtube channel has hit 1000 subscribers, meaning we can monetize our content if we get enough eyeballs on that shiiiiiiiz. Make you sure you subscribe and watch our jive. It makes us feel good.

Our podcast is going back online and its gonna be bigger and better than ever... the team is growing. The belief is growing. The people are starting to believe in the Funk! Do you? Check us out on the "Big N Funky Productions Podcast" every Wednesday at 8PM. 

Here's the episode from Wednesday