Friday, May 29, 2020

The World is Ending- Let's Get Funky

B Movie TV Saturday at 6pm
OK lovelies, I'm going to take a break from the world falling apart to tell you that this weekend is going to be quasi-important in the world of Big N Funky Productions. Tomorrow, we are going to have content featured on B MOVIE TV at 6pm EST on ROKU. It's free, so download the station! Check it out, it will be fun to watch our craziness on TV.
Sunday, we will be shooting another episode of ASY TV's Haunted Graves featuring Travis Leander Sagraves and Kandi Thompson. Luke Walker and I will be there to direct and film at the Greenback Castle cemetery, and the four of us will be working on our upcoming full length horror movie "The Hike". I hope you guys can also have some fun with the people you love. Blow off some steam... we ALL need it. Also, subscribe to this Youtube Channel. It's the bee's friggin knees.

This Month's New Content

VH1 Behind the Music- Tim Cappello's "I Still Believe"

Animal Crossing- New Horizons: Funktify Your Island: Zodiac Clock Park

New My Pillow Commercial starring Big Luke

Animal Crossing- New Horizons: Funktify Your Island: Make a Maze    

Top 5 Clips of Intelligent Paranormal Evidence 
(Wrestling With Ghosts)

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Video Games and Ghosts

Video Games and Ghosts

Arena of Valor Switch Update - April 2020

Honor of Kings is the number of game in the world, but you wouldn't know it outside of Southeast Asia. We know it in the west as Arena of Valor... and if you play it on the Switch- its been dead for WELL over a year. Today, we get an update out of the blue. Here's what's new in the game! #areanofvalor #razwins #switchupdate

Top 5 Clips of Unique Paranormal Evidence
From Wrestling With Ghosts

From ASY TV: Big Luke Walker breaks down the top 5 Unusual clips of evidence from the first 2 seasons of Wrestling With Ghosts. Included: A spirit rating a cartwheel competition, a red balloon appearing out of nowhere in an abandoned dam during It 2's theatrical run, ghosts yakking about politics, a malevolent force creates a hostile milieu between friends and an alleged wendigo is annoyed that the guys are peeing in his living room. #Paranormal #UnusualEvidence #FunnyGhosts

Thursday, April 23, 2020

New Content from BnP

Top 5 Wrestling With Ghosts
Lists Begin!

Starting now, the Big N Funky Productions Youtube page will start featuring several Top 5 paranormal evidence videos broken down into categories like: Top 5 scariest, Top 5 most Unusual, Top 5 Best Audio clips, etc. These will be available for free and will be uploaded on the Big N Funky Productions page fairly regularly. If you don't have time for full episodes, this is a great way to pick up on the highlights of the first two seasons of WWG. 

The BnP Crew do a Pokemon Video

Travis Graves and Funkmaster V are wandering around the Maryland/ Virginia wastes when they happen across a mysterious creature. #Charmander #Pokemon #WrestlingWithGhosts

BnP Vids to Be Aired on B-Movie TV!!!

If you have Roku, you need to check out B Movie TV. B-movies start every two hours 24 hours a day, and after they present their exciting conclusions, weird skits, racy commercials, shorts and extra jive fill in the spots till the next movie starts. Starting in May, you will see Big N Funky comedy bits and short movies stealing the show! Check us out on the Roku!

Thursday, April 9, 2020


Wrestling With Ghosts
APRIL 11th, 2020 10pm est

Hello all you cool cats and kittens... Don’t forget We are giving away episode 2.3 “They Died With Their Boos On” for free Saturday night at 10 PM! Click the link, Subscribe, click notifications and you’ll be reminded to join the chat with Big Luke, Funkmaster, Kandi and Travis as we check out the civil war-torn, abandoned church in Morristown TN. If you behave, there’s a full body apparition and ice cream!

Friday, April 3, 2020

Big N Funky Productions on Lock Down!

Quarantine, Bore-an-tined!

Big N Funky Productions is taking advantage of the break we are all "enjoying" to revamp, update our BNP Youtube page and to release more content from Wrestling With Ghosts and other shows for ASY TV. Here's what you can expect in starting in April!
THIS WEEKEND! (4/4/20)
***Wrestling With Ghost ep 2.3 (Only seen before on asy tv)
"They Died with Their Boos On!"
WWG at the Bethesda Church in Morristown: A church torn apart by allegiances to both sides of the civil war. Full body apparition is captured.

***Wrestling With Ghosts episode 2.6 (SEASON FINALE!)
WWG at the dam that is considered the 4th most haunted place in America. Big Luke and Funk piss of a windego by peeing on it's carpet.
***New Big N Funky Comedy Skit-
"Calling Peta on Travis"
(Travis, Big Luke, Funkmaster V, Kandi)
***New Fake Fone Funk-
"Calling in Sick to Places I Don't Work: Shroud of Turin Museum
***ASY TV to launch on Roku, Firestick, Apple TV!!!

***It Happened to Me...
New episode featuring NEW Ghost Stories from Brandon BishopSusan Held CurtisKirby-Leighanne Gocke and more!!!
***WWG Top 5 videos!
Check out the top Wrestling With Ghosts 5 videos on Youtube! Top 5 EVPs, Top 5 visual evidence videos, Top 5 physical evidence videos, Top 5 unique paranormal evidence videos AND MORE!
Dont forget to watch recently released:
***Taint My Ride! w/ Big Luke, Travis, Funk and Kandi
***Quaratined Bore-an-tined w/ Big Luke, Travis, Funk and Kandi
We still kicking baby! And he kickin' high!

Monday, March 16, 2020

Big N Funky Pandemic Distractions!!!

WWG vs. Abandoned Amusment Park

The boys travel to Ohio to see traveling musician, Fish Fisher's newest property: An abandoned amusement park that conveniently sits across the river from an island rumored to be covered in human bones. #ASYTV #Wrestlingwithghosts #vollmarspark

Funkmaster V on Horsefly Chronicles Radio



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  • Friday at 11 PM – 12 AM
    4 days from now

Big N Funky just came back from a late February shoot at the Horsefly Chronicles property after shooting a Wrestling With Ghosts out there. See what the "Scary-Gooses" and Funkmaster V have to say after their interesting weekend together. 

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Taint My Ride!!!

From Gooch TV!!!

From the network that brought you Pimp My Taint, comes another rip roaring show where our Gen-X taint professionals surprise an unwitting car owner with a surprise of a lifetime! #mtv #pimpmyride #wrestlingwithghosts

Monday, February 24, 2020

WWG 2.5 Tonight!!!

"Darkside of the Moonshine"
Wrestling With Ghosts Episode 2.5

Tonight at 8PM EST! New episode at Sevierville Distilling Company! Is the place haunted, or the owner??? Live chat! This episode is free at courtesy of

Wrestling With Ghosts stays close to home and checks out the Sevier Distilling Company in Sevierville, Tennessee. Sevierville may be Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge's kid brother, but it has a sordid past that puts it on the mid-south paranormal map. The locale is a brand new and award winning distillery, so the team investigates with old technology and new on whether or not the owner, Chris Yett is haunted... not necessarily the location. This is a free episode made by Big N Funky Productions for ASY TV and ASY Paranormal. Copyright 2020. #asytv #asyparanormal #wrestlingwithghosts #sevierdistillincompany

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Big N Funky vs. Horsefly Chronicles

Well.. that's some scary shizz right thar

Wrestling with Ghosts vs. Horsefly Chronicles. It happens this weekend, going down in Easton, PA. Ghosts, Cheese steaks, Pokémon, Funk, Handcuffs.... season 3 is filming NOW!!!

For more information about the insane lore surrounding this haunted residential home, please check out the homeowners' book: The Horsefly Chronicles- a Demonic Haunting by Philip Siracusa. There's apparently a poltergeist there that is fairly aggressive. The family is actually moving out in June 2020, so we are lucky to get this episode under our belt before they burn rubber out da' back. 


Big Luke and Funkmaster V will be featured guests on ASY TV's "Go There Eat That". Big Luke gets to break his carnivore diet with Brandon Bishop as they tackle the 5 lb Burrito challenge at Loco Burro in Gatlinburg, and Funkmaster V will get his ya'll funk on at Pigeon Forge's Hatfield and McCoy's dinner show. Nothing is funnier or tastier that 100 year blood feuds. 


Funkmaster V played a cuckold on an episode of high cable's Snapped! Airing information will be updated as soon as we get the 411. 


 "Darkside of the Moonshine!!!" to air Monday FOR FREE!!!

The guys team up with Chris Yett from Sevier Distilling Company in Sevierville TN. You may remember Chris from the intro of Wrestling With Ghosts' season 2 intro, (he's the brew master guy stumbling around the prison yard. Anyways, we look into the Spirit factory's spirits, and we deduce that strange things are indeed afoot. Brand new buildings can have haunts too... it's weird, but apparently possible. But what does that mean? We will tell ya when you are old enough.... which will be when the show airs Monday. 

And be on the look out for this scene, where something runs out from behind Travis's shoulder. It is terrifying. 

Thanks for being apart of the Funk nation!!! 

 #horseflychronicles #asytv #wrestlingwithghosts Dig it

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Haunting the Afterlife Radio

Live Radio for your Earhole

Friday FEB 7TH ‘Haunting the Afterlife Radio’ is proud to present the fabulous Funkmaster V of “Wrestling with Ghosts”: Paranormal Investigator, Pro Wrestler, TV Personality, and Entertainer! Don’t forget: our live chat will open 15 minutes before the show. Come on in to mingle with our other chatters and pick the Funkmaster V’s amazing brain! Do not miss this show! Can’t wait to see you all @
When: Friday Feb 7th @ 6pm PST - 8pm CT - 9pm EST - 2am GMT

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Funkmaster V on ID Discovery

January 28 at 9 PM Eastern and Midnight, I will be appearing in another television show… Breaking a personal record of mine. The name of the show is “Murder Comes Home“, making it the eleventyith-twelfth TV show I’ve done that had Murder in the title. Come join me for Moidah... won’t you?

Do you know why you should never get your haircut kids? Because I went from being the killer in this episode to a guy that just knows a guy because I got my haircut before this was shot. Anyways bon appétit!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Happy New Years from the FUNK


We are happy to announce that Carol from the Walking Dead is our Nature show host!!! ASY TV and ASY Paranormal had to regrettably split with Tom Cruise. Angry dude. Whatevs. Everything will be better, now... though. Just relax. Melissa Suzanne McBride got this... Relaaaaaaaaaaaax. It’s better! #thewalkingdead #lookattheflowers #asyparanormal


The puppet versions of the cast of ASY Paranormal's "Wrestling With Ghosts" hosts sci-fi movies and embark on adventures of their own. From killing zombies with bass guitars to being prejudiced against gay frogs, you never know what Big Luke, Funkmaster V, and Travis Graves will get into. #bmovies #asyparanormal #wrestlingwithghosts


This sequel from Big N Funky Productions finds another security guard all alone in a remote luxury hotel that employs him, a year after another security guard went missing on night shift. Will he suffer the same fate??? #asytv #asyparanormal #wrestlingwithghosts #heywhoaeasy

EP27 Funkmaster V

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome back to Paranormal Heart. Were you can now enjoy the show twice a month, the second Sunday and the last Sunday of each month.
My first guest of 2020 has an impressive background. "Star of "Wrestling With Ghosts", Pro wrestler, Ghost Hunter, bounty hunter, funk-basser, actor, Atarian, Libertarian, owns Funkmaster V's Uptown Cabs of Renown." I introduce to you, the multi talented Funkmaster V himself.
This episode I have the honour of having a guest narrator. My buddy Dixie Cryptid reads us an interesting Bigfoot story. Don't worry, Jon will be back with his crazy Oddities very soon. 
Much love to you all and thanks for listening.
Funkmaster V can be found at: