Friday, April 8, 2011

TXW vs. SAW - Nitro Heavyweight Championship

TXW vs. SAW.... Nitro Heavyweight Championship

April 8th 2011
It's been a wild couple of months since I concluded my rivalry with Dwayne Windham... and my revenge on the Creatures of the Night has been on hold, since Severe Attitude Wrestling has declared war on my home group, TXW. While I battle SAW's best with the likes of Demon and Shane Daniels... who are my enemies, my friend Bob O Mac has been oddly silent in the war. I wonder if he is the mole bewteen the two groups? Have they got to Bob O Mac??? I fear that if we don't a get some good leadership, TXW will be out of business by the end of summer.

Now, on a positive note, the FUNK has been brought to a few new areas on a regular basis... Tennessee Pro Wrestling in Rockwood, Knoxville Wrestling, and Nitro Heavyweight Wrestling in New Market. The last of which I have successfully defeated their long running champion, Tony Blaine, for my first Heavyweight Championship in Tennessee. Check out the sexiness below and try to contain your enthusiasm. Keep up with me on Facebook... and I will let you know where the Funk Train is headed next.