Thursday, September 10, 2015

GAW TV News~ Wrestling With Wregret Sketch

The little ole TV show that could released some exciting ratings this week. All the funk brothers and sisters rejoice! My segment, the "Mothership w/ Funkmaster V" pulled the highest ratings of the show with a 1.2. That means 17 billion people saw the segment... I think... Anyways, numbers schnumbers... come out on the 18th for the next TV Tapings and have yourself a funk-a-licious time.

Also, the podcast that I do with Big Luke Walker "God Makes Beautiful" churned out another exciting episode this week. Click the link below to be tickled by political insight on Kim Davis, we capture footage of a menacing luchador that has taken the city hostage, and we start a new segment called "It Came From East Tennessee"... where we showcase really crappy wrestling promos and matches. This one will be tough to top. Remember folks, the podcast is not intended for children.


I gotta tell you, this is an awesome wrestlling Youtube channel if there ever was one. Luke Walker, RaeAnn Danger, and that major league a-hole Funkmaster V make an energetic cameo in this sketch... but even they cannot outshine who shows up in the surprise ending! Thanks Brian Zane Schiedel for the rub- it was fun!