Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Red Fist of Funk

I wish I had the money to dress like Lenny Kravitz. I wish I had the talent to slap the bass like Larry Graham. I wish I had the brawn to wrestle like Ric Flair. I wish I had the smarts to change the world and vanquish evil. But what I do have is the funk... and the next time you see me in the ring there will be no survivors of the Red Fist of Funk. Believe...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Post Title Match/ Yellow Misting Thoughts

I took a few days to cool off and my left eye is OK now, but I will be addressing EGO PRO officials and fans about what took place Saturday. Initially, the blame belongs to me because I took my opponent lightly. You always have to work hard to succeed. But.... some other tricks are gonna get an earful too.

So... EGO PRO allowed Logan Alexander to be bought off by Daddy Mack, and I had to wrestle Conner Cruze. A guy I have probably beat 50 times. No biggie. BUT.... be taking the month off in protest ended up screwing me, as Conner performed the best he ever did against me and won my belt. 

Oh wait! I almost forgot that my old tag team partner "YELLOW PARALYZE MISTING" me in the face!!! For those of you who forgot... I FOUND THAT FRIGGIN RECIPE FOR THE DEMON IN THE FIRST PLACE! I thought that trick was dead! So, Mac MacMurray, Barry Allen, Daddy Mack, Cruze and the Demon... you are all on the bad-funk list. For a fun trip down memory lane, check out how I helped the Demon end up screwing me over in 2013 by finding a new weapon for him to perfect back in 2010. 

Too bad we were able to save his choking carcass back then... and where did he find more panther parts for the Mist? Anyways. I like how all the background music in this video was R&B/ funk music. Three cheers for funk. Oh yeah... if you are a Detroit Funk City mark, check out the original group acting like they care about each other. Demon... you better prepare yourself...