Monday, April 29, 2019

ASY Paranormal Launches May 10th!!!

ASY Paranormal Launches May 10th!!!

Hey babies! ASY Paranormal launches on May 10th! It's scary TV for those who love to watch TV, and a network for those who love TO MAKE Scary TV. It's real... it's scary.

It features content created by Big N Funky Productions: Wrestling With Ghosts, Big N Funky Present, and It Happened to Me... with other shows in the pipeline!!!

Friday, April 19, 2019

Wrestling With Ghosts Vs. Posttown

WWG Wraps up Season 2 Filming at Historic Site
This weekend, Wrestling With Ghosts shoots its season 2 finale at the infamous Posttown school in Ohio. We will be tag teaming with our podcast buddies from Behind the Open Door with Huggie and Da Butt. This will be the first investigation with Hesperian frontwoman Kandi Thompson and the first road trip investigation with Travis Leander Sagraves since last September's Fish Fisher investigation. So yeah... kinda a big weekend. Watch it all on ASY Patanormal this May!


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Big N Funky vs. Tha Flippity Dippity Doo's!!!


Do you wanna cure for the Flippity Dippity Doo's? Are you sick of pro wrestling dying from this weak azz spot monkey affliction? Hold on babies-The doctoral staff of Big N Funky will be providing injections all night long at Daredevils wrestling in Sevierville Friday Night April the 5th. (Free injections, ladies) RV Plantaion Resort at 7PM (ladies) #flippitydippitydoo #oldschoolrasslin #bitteroldveticilan #KFW #cantflipwithalimp #Daredevils
Weirdest Skit We Ever Did Do?
Probably... it's about apples. My mom liked it, though.
 (Just kidding- she doesn't even like it).