Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Events for THA week!

Eat these vids and support yocal wrestlings.



Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer of Funk Continues

Last week I fell short in my claim in the Great American Battle Royal for the Title, but hell kids... I was in the ring with Menace, the King Shane Williams, and the eventual champion Arrick Andrews. We did film my new interview segment "The Mothership w/ Funkmaster V", where I debuted some beautiful and talented funkettes to the Knoxville area: Debbi Danger and the PYT. On my show, I get to gong wrestlers who bore me. THE POWER WILL GO TO MY HEAD!!!

Debbi Danger and I also got to shoot some photos with old pets that need a home. We were happy to be apart of the Wrestlers vs. Young Williams Animal Shelter photo shoot. I will soon be uploading pics of Funkmaster V, Debbi Danger... and our "Atomic Dog" Joan. Yes... there is a dog named Joan.

This week, I popped up on the Internet Movie Database. Yes... that IS awesome. I hope I get a role in the Walking Dead now. I've been practicing my Georgia voice... that scratchy, breathy, "I need water" parched throat voice. I will be awesome.

God Makes Beautiful Things made it's debut on www.1gimmickworld.com, a family of podcasts ran by WWE's Big Vito and Micheal Vee. Episode #9 featured a famous voice over actor...

Also, on the 30th I'm taking on an old rival in Wartburg: The Cadillac Cowboy. Check out this stacked card.

OH! and one more thing................ I updated my results page and media page. See ya on the flip!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Mothership Lands Back in Knoxville

Tell ya ma and your pa, the Mothership is landing in North Knoxville, ya'll...