Friday, June 12, 2015

#1 Contender Time

Lots of stuff going on in the world of Funkmaster V's friends and family: Music videos, taxi cab confessions, losing money, having fun, making money, spotting witches... you know, the norm. But today I have a moment to reflect on and promote some wrestling type jive.

God Makes Beautiful Things #7 (The Other One and Only)

Seems like it took three weeks to make, but finally Big Luke leads the charge as he and Funkmaster V delve into another dumpster fire... a local guy, calling himself "The One and Only" cuts a promo while driving his car. The guys discuss promo, entrance, and booking psychology... as well as they discuss drunk taxi passengers that dumped beer on Funkmaster V's wife. Also: Funkmaster V and the Funkmaster V's music video "Time to Rise". Part of the Offshoots family of podcast

#1 Contender's Match

Saturday Night is Alright for Fightin'
Funkmaster Vvs. Mick O'Malley

I have battled this Irishman a few times now and it seems like he is pretty evenly matched with me. I will tell you  this, who becomes the number one contender for the SAW Championship will come down to whether or not I can use the Funky Figure Four to slow him down enough to handle his entourage of potato eaters that is always lurking ringside. I hope I get a chance to get my hands on Shane and end his year long undefeated streak after my potential victory... but if the title drops to Travis Sawyer at this event, so be it. That will be the first time I face Travis in a singles match... and it will be for the SAW Championship. Whoa. Easy... easy... that match is potentially one month from my babalones.

Dusty Finish

The passing of Dusty Rhodes is really screwing me up. I wonder if I'm so sad because he probably is the first of the 80's NWA mega superstars to go. An icon from my favorite and most nostalgic period of the sport I love is gone... Never to entertain us again. I felt oddly connected to him, probably because there are not too many white southern jive talking wrestlers around. Warren Peace​ used to call me EGO PRO's Dusty... And now that has an even more special meaning to me. Hope you all are handling this better than me. You will be missed, American Dream.