Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm the Champ, Jerk-faces!!!

I'm the Champ, Jerk-faces!!!!!!!

It was always how I pictured it: Confusion, embarrassment, agony, being hit with my own expensive shoes, whipped with a belt, and boo'd. But yet, I made the Mothership proud by defeating the amazing Billy Marshall in 9 seconds... the fastest match in TXW history. Sure..... I had to bribe the champ with a sweaty envelope full of cash that I stole from relatives... the 1...2...3 was a sweet as baby's milk. Um.... mother's milk. Yuck! That's gross! I was bottlefed!

Anyway, the Television face of TXW now has the TXW Youtube TV Title. How delightfully beautiful. I love it more than my own mother. You better jump on board the Soul Train, ya'll... 'cause the Funk Nation takes no prisioners! Slide, Slide Slippity Slide... to the land of funk, to the land of funk, to the land of.... you've quit reading, haven't you?