Sunday, August 30, 2009

Detroit Funk City is Here

Now, This is What I'm Talkin' Bout!

AUG 30th 2009
What can I say? What can I SAY? I told all of you mooks for months and months that the Lovely Beth was going to come back to me one day! I told you! And now look where she is! With me and the Demon in the best group to invade Wrestling in the last 300 years! Detroit Funk City! It didn't take much coaxing, but Beth O Mac is now going by Beth O Funk, dressing a little bit fancier, caring less about the dumb wrestling fans, and I must say, bringing back the Funk-vibe like it's 1972 all over again. My wife and kids haven't been happier! Beth makes great brownies, cleans the house better than my wife, and knows dozens of knock knock jokes. Life is peachy!

And also, why win the Tag Team Belts.... when you can steal them? I have cost Bob O Mac everything in wrestling.... his wife, his ribs, his belts, his clean reputation... blah blah blah. Time to retire, greenie! Do it before I hurt you worse! Watch this video, Bob! It's over 4 u! Believe in the Funk!!!

The TV show is still strong, and we are still on Thursday nights. THURSDAYS, IDIOTS.