Wednesday, April 18, 2018

#BelieveInTheFUNK Tour Begins Today!!!

The #BelieveInTheFUNK tour begins today!!! Not only am I promoting my TN Gubernatorial Campaign, I'm spreading the good news about liberty, spooks, funk music, fist fighting, entertainment and we gotz them jokes, too yo.

I gotz me a sexy new haircut to start 'da tour

TONIGHT: Big N Funky's Ghost Show A-Go-Go : 9PM EST...
TONIGHT: Funkmaster V wittnesses a murder on ID Discovery's Murder Chose Me (check local listings)
FRIDAY: Surprise appearance
SATURDAY: Recording a podcast for the "Warren Peace Podcast" on Southern Fried Radio
April 26th: Big Luke and Funkmaster V get all sexy with Caz Rooney and Kerry
Greenaway on The Spectral Zone on Parasearch Radio

Radio shows, investigations, appearances, and wrestling matches in Wisconsin, Chicago, Great Britian, East Tennessee, on TV and beyond coming up, my babies.

So tonight!

You wanna get Funked Up? Tonight you will have a DOUBLE DOSE of Funkmaster V crap-u-tainment. At 9PM EST, check out my comedy/paranormal podcast BIG N FUNKY'S GHOST-SHOW A-GO-GO on as Big Luke apparently will make fun of my new haircut for an hour. THEN, at 10PM EST.. I kick off a very murderous MURDER CHOSE ME on ID Discovery as Funkmaster V wittnesses a homicide and my lunch gets ruined. I have a chat with man, Rod Demery himself! Stan Cash is there for added sexy...