Sunday, August 11, 2013

Funk in the Papers Again

Funkmaster V can travel through time, create fire out of his fist, surround himself with beautiful women, lay down grooves, and play the low post at 5'10. But Funk's most amazing trick of late is vowing revenge in a newspaper and avoiding arrest. Check out the paper and come out to Wartburg for pro-rasslin this Saturday!

I would also like to comment on the EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship that was defended last night. Steven Cadillac Cowboy Burns was double tough and took everything I had to throw at him in the beginning and kept coming back for more. He stopped the Red Fist of Funk twice, and didn't tap out to the figure four. The match ended in a double DQ because my boys in DFC were brawling with the tricks now known as Damage Inc and they came into the ring. 

The effect of Cadillac Cowboy's thunderous chops

The way I see it, Damage Inc cost me my winner's purse, so on Sept 27th, I get to tag with the boys in Detroit Funk City in a must see return match... Funkmaster V, The Demon, and Dwayne Windham vs. Cadillac Cowboy, Brad Cash, and Corey Magnum. Good luck losers! 

Check the website for new updates! Results/ Pix/ Media links are updated.

Also, here I am riding a purple girls' bike like a boss for a SAW Wrestling commercial. Learn to deal.

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