Sunday, August 4, 2013

Funkmaster V's custom EGO PRO Championship Belt reeks of Awesome

Funkmaster V EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship title reign June 2013- ??? Each side plate represents a major part of Funkmaster V lore and the story of his rise to the top of one of the best wrestling promotions in the region.

The first plate (from the left) features the skyline of Detroit, to symbolize the dominance of the stable Detroit Funk City. It included Beth McClure, Dwayne Windham, Shane Daniels, and the Demon

The second plate features a bass, representing the years I have spent solidifying myself as a Funkmaster in the music world. 

The next plate features the Red Fist of Funk- the flaming finisher I have debuted this year.

The last plate features the flowers I used to propose to Beth O Funk in front of my wife and kids, and the establishment of my relationship with the lovely funkettes that have accompanied me to the ring since. 

Come out Saturday to see me defend this handsome strap against the Cadillac Cowboy at EGO PRO!

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