Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lot-O-News - Week of 12-12-12

New for 2013, Funkmaster V's Family Band, featuring the musical stylings and wrestle grapple-holds needed to defend the Southern States from the impending Vampire Apocolyptions. Be forewarned, if I mention something about "My old family band", it references someone in this picture. From left to right= Monroe Fayte, Maskerade, the Tsunami Kid, The Demon, Dwayne Windham, Funkmaster V, Bob O Mac, Shane Daniels, Demitrya, Barry Allen...

It's promising to be the post apocalyptic thiller of the pre- summer feature blast!!!

This Saturday Morning, on MBR-TV, they are showing a replay of my title match with Noah Richards. SPOILER ALERT- FUNK BREAKS BONES. Airdate= Saturday Dec 15th 11AM MBR-TV

After you watch me break someone's hands, wash that rear end of yours and bring the kids out to Onieda High School on Dec 15th. It's free with a toy. Watch this video. WARNING! I may be wrestling someone from the Family Band! Seeeeeeeeeeee??? Now you have insider knowledge!!! 

I have said the Foo Fighters, especially with Maroon 5 turning into a pop band, was the last defender of rock n roll. Well, it looks like there are some reinforcements on the way. (THIS SONG IS INAPPROPRIATE FOR CHITLINS OR DECENT HUMANS~ but I like it.) This front man talks like Michael Jackson, moves like Mick Jagger, looks like Frank Zappa, and sings like Freddy Mercury. Hellz yeah.

I always forget to post this video every day, but I remembered today. For your viewing pleasure, Jay Perkey, trying to come to my aid... gets kicked in the bawls from the Creatures of the Night

Funkmaster V needs no man made award to tell him who he is, but my little round SassyFrass is up for EGO PRO manager of the year, and oh man... she is worthy of praise. Please take 10 seconds out of your day to vote for the girl (Sorry Warren)

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