Wednesday, December 28, 2016

OK. You were right, 2016 sucked

Since the last post, the Gatlinburg fires happened. And if you did not know, it can be described by a hundred different adjectives: scary, tense, heartbreaking, overpowering... etc. My tag team partner and TV co-host Big Luke Walker and I reported what we saw happening to our city when no one else could or would, and we got national attention for it. I was going to write a big long post about it, but I'm exhausted and decided to sum it up in a year end type video. Enjoy...

Go to "Media" to check out World Wide Gloss From the Last Part of 2016
Dec 14th 2016 - LA City "Taxi Driver Drives Through The Night To Save People"
Dec 2016- Morgan County News- Wild Wrestlin' Action
Dec 2016 - WBIR - Pro Wrestling Taxi Driver Saves Lives With Free Rides
Nov 29 2016 - Maryville Daily Times- " Scenes From Firestorm: Cab driver recalls a harrowing night as Gatlinburg burns"
Nov 2016- "Wrestling With Ghosts" on ZTALK Radio with Jay Lynch
Nov 2016- Funkmaster V on Porcupine PAC Gary Johnson Video
Oct 2016 - WBIR - "Ghost Hunters Explore Mysterious Mansion"
Oct 2016 - The Herald - "Sevierville Based Group Produces Spooky Show"
Oct 2016- The Mountain Press- "Ghostly Show Films at Greenbriar"
July 2009- Knoxville News Sentinel - "Funkmaster V Switches Moves Once More"

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