Friday, June 21, 2013

Funk Flavored Set List From Last Night

I really enjoyed "The Mothership" radio show last night with DJ DREW. It's cool to hang with Drew and talk to his awesome interviews, but to me it's always about the music. Many people ask me about what funk bands they should check out and I think Drew did a great job of laying out a nice show last night so here is a good sampler. Choice cuts/ top to bottom. Here are the funk songs he played. Buy them on itunes or check 'em out on youtube... get yo' hands on 'em for you library.

(1) Shuggie Otis - "Sparkle City"

(2) Edwin Birdsong - "Rising Sign (Funky)"

(3) Soul Rebels - "504"

(4) Soul Rebels - "I'm So Confused (ft. Ben Ellman)"

(5) Curtis Mayfield - "Kung Fu"

(6) Orgone - "Powerfeed"

(7) Tower of Power - "Sparkling In The Sand"

(8) Prince - "She's Always in my Hair"

(12) Ohio Players - "Do Your Thing"

(13) Here Comes The Mummies - "You Know The Drill"

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