Thursday, October 3, 2013

Funkmaster V's Uptown Cabs of Renown Sponsors

We are proud to sponsor several awesome ventures here at the cab company. Here they are with their specific commercials:

"The Mothership" w/ DJ DREW - WUTK 90.3FM 8PM Thursdays (Playing the Best in Funk & Golden Era Hip Hop)

Grapple Magazine - A Brand New Wrestling Magazine!

Cheap Pop Radio - A Wednesday night Podcast starring J-Mac and the Sexy Monkey where they interview the biggest and brightest from the indies, WWE, TNA, ECW and beyond. 

Chris "The Brahma Bull" Braden - An MMA Fighter

The song from these commercials is "Message in the Music" by Soulfinger
The opening vignette was shot by Pretty Beard Studios.

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