Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Favorite Rival Retires.

Very few artists ever get the credit they deserve. This week, with no fanfare, one of the better professional wrestlers in the area has been forced to hang up the boots. He broke his elbow about 9 weeks ago in the ring and his doctor misdiagnosed the injury. Therefore, he treated the break like a sprain and made it much worse. He has told the bookers/promoters he works for that he has to retire and besides me, none of his fans know. So, to my best friend in the sport, my greatest rival, the guy that I had the best in-ring stories with, and to my tag team partner with the worst winning percentage, I will say goodbye Bob O Mac. You will be missed by your fans and I always will appreciate your dedication to the professionalism of the sport.

This was supposed to be my last match ever (one of several) but it ended being my last match verses Bob O Mac. I am happy that he was my first match. I am happy I was in his last match as his tag team partner. That first night together we shocked the back and the last night together we did excellent business. In between- alot of good times.

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