Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Little Funk to Believe in and DFC thoughts

Well, I got some exciting news. This Saturday in Wartburg, I may be living a small wee dream of mine. (LOL) If things turn out like they were presented to me, I may be tagging with a "little person" named Micro Funk vs. a tag team of evil. Come out and support all sizes of the funk this Saturday afternoon in Wartburg!!! 

Click this link for more information...

I don't have any promo clips or pics yet, but the Red Fist vs. Yellow Mist EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship was an amazing match. I'm still sore from wrestling the Demon. He did not get an opportunity to hit me with the Paralyzing Blood Mist (thank God) and he was the first person ever to kick out of the Red Fist of Funk. However, I knew that his knees were in bad shape and I was able to "exorcise the Demon" with the good ole Funky Figure Four. 

After the match was a whirlwind, and I'm not sure what exactly happened until I see the tape. But Daddy Mack's stable was apparently beating down the Demon after a failed opportunity to bring the title back into Daddy Mack's control.  They wanted Dwayne Windham to hit the Demon with a chair and he stalled. Something deep down in side stirred when I saw my old friends getting turned on by Daddy Mack and his group of cronies, among them being former champ Cadillac Cowboy and Corey Magnum. I hit the ring, threw someone over the top rope, and there we stood... the Demon, Dwayne Windham, and Funkmaster V. Not sure what happened, but I think we shared a common interest (I, for one, am tired of me and The Phoenixx getting outnumbered every damn match and it would be nice to have a little back up). Needless to say, Detroit Funk City may have one more run in them. This one may be more dominant than the last, because I know how much Dwayne and I have improved in the sport.

And before you ask, if you are going to call or email me about Shane Daniels, I haven't talked to him in a year, so it looks doubtful that he will be rejoining the group AT THIS POINT. But you know wrestling.... never say never...

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  1. And here's a little number that will make the Funk-Micro Funk tag team three kinds of awesome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aB6K1lw3t-M