Friday, August 29, 2014

The Loss of Fans

A good person and a loyal wrestling fan Jason Zuehlke has passed away unexpectedly today. I saw him last week when I officiated the wedding of his friends. He was very polite, and was a good soul. He and his friend Gary were big Funkmaster fans and I appreciate the support they gave me through the years. Gary also passed away recently in Kansas. 

Gary and Jason were great wrestling fans, and the first to really "Believe in the Funk." They were close friends. Here is a clip of Gary calling into the TXW Talk show and pushing the show like he used to do. I think Jason was too bashful to call very often- but he did occasionally. I always appreciated the energy they gave back. We as wrestlers downplay the importance of what fans can give you. They will be missed in the wrestling world and more importantly in their circle of family and friends. 

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