Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Upcoming Dates, Brain Droppings and a Classic Funkmaster Match

After having the ETCW Heavyweight Championship stripped from me last month, it reminded me of how most of my title runs come to an end. I held the East Tennessee/  TXW Youtube TV Title 4 times, and only losing it because of a match decision once, and last year I lost the EGO PRO Heavyweight Championship through nefarious means. Such is the life of a pro wrestler. EGO PRO and Galaxy Media has recently released my title bout with Evan Turner last year... so funk fans- Enjoy!

Also, stayed tuned this month as I take on the seemingly perpetual thorn in my side Big Luke Walker as God's Will tries to get under my skin at EGO PRO- Athens TN September 20th for their 9th Anniversary Weekend, and ETCW at Alcoa Middle School September 27th at 7PM. Here are a few thoughts of my upcoming match with Luke Walker at EGO PRO.

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