Saturday, August 9, 2014

NO DQ Tussle for the Title

Here we go again, August 16th at ETCW- Funkmaster V will face Big Luke Walker for the third straight time with that Title on the Line, daddy!!! Wait that is what he says... Because of how the match ended last time, this one will be a Non DQ match... right op the Funk-Man's alley. (This Funk-Man's.... not Luke). That's right- Luke has been hit in the head, now thinks HE is my replacement on Earth named Funkmaster VI, and now talks to an invisible something named TOOFY. Here's some video (a Dance Off- a Match- and a Doctored Illegal Interception of a Intergalactic Space Transmission) to catch you up on the craziness.

August 16th 2014
209 E Franklin St, Alcoa, Tennessee 37701

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