Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Libertarian of Funk Time

Libertarian of Funk Time: My first job in radio was in 1995 working for an ultra conservative whack job radio station that stated Rush Limbaugh was too liberal to be on the station (he would also want too much money). Point is, I remember conservatives always warning us about Big, Tyrannical government that will act like the Nazis and take away our freedom. After all of these videos of police departments with tanks, grenade launchers, and dressed in Riot gear constantly, mistreating the media and public... where are you now? I listened to Sean Hannity yesterday... he was chastising the public for reacting the way they were and making excuse after excuse for the out of control police and their inexcusable behavior. You poor people that vote Republican, (poor meaning you make less than 200K a year) do you not care that you are being played for fools? I have been on this earth for 40 years... I know one thing is True! The Republican party cares nothing about freedom, justice, Jesus, or doing what is right.... THEY CARE ABOUT MONEY- THAT IS ALL.

Wake up, little sheep.

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