Saturday, July 15, 2017

Wrestling With Ghosts Episode 4

"Going Postal"
SMART Paranormal at Old Lafollette Post Office & Kentucky House Call
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(be sure to watch all 6 segments and their commercials please)

The team is at paranormal hotspot Lafollette, Tennessee's most haunted building: The Old Lafollette Post Office. The gang runs into the first poltergeist of the season. First, the females are targeted... then the "biggest" skeptic of them all is... The giant, Big Luke Walker. The "spirits"quickly convert him into a true believer. ALSO: The team tries to help a Kentucky family terrorized by their own poltergeist. Copyright 2017 Big N Funky Productions
ENJOY THIS EPISODE!!! It's been a labor of love. Big Luke and/or Funkmaster V will be broadcasting on Facebook Live at 12:00AM EST for a Q&A session for those of you interested. (Facebook- Big Luke Walker or Vinnie Vineyard-Funkmaster V)

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