Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wrestling With Ghosts Episode 3

"Wee-Ji Want the Funk"
SMART Paranormal at Merry Death Antiques and the Roaring Fork
Motor Nature Trail
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(be sure to watch all 6 segments and their commercials please)

The team travels to the seemingly cursed, La Follette, Tennessee. They investigate the eclectic Merrydeath Antiques, which is filled with cool collectibles, unique junk, and stories of ghosts. This episode features some of the most memorable evidence of the series, where the unknown entities joke back with the team, leave unnerving evidence, and a presumed sad, young spirit reaches out for affection.  Also: Lucy on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, Copyright 2017 Big N Funky Productions
ENJOY THIS EPISODE!!! It's been a labor of love. Big Luke and/or Funkmaster V will be broadcasting on Facebook Live at 12:00AM EST for a Q&A session for those of you interested. (Facebook- Big Luke Walker or Vinnie Vineyard-Funkmaster V)

After taking the next week off to pro rassle, "Wee-Ji Want the Funk" will be released at 10PM EST on Luke becomes a believer in this one!!!

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