Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Thoughts on TXW Closing Rumors- & A New Bag of Awesome

First the fun stuff-
Yo, my kids have a television network... it's called The Bag of Awesome. Here's a recent news broadcast for you people hip on investigative journalism!

Now the crap stuff-
Ever since Tony Anthony aka "The Dirty White Boy" has taken over the books in TXW, TXW has had at least 3 or 4 rumors that it was closing up shop over the two years he has been there. This month- it looks like these rumors may be true. TXW went from being the top show in the area to something people barely talk about in any circle... and if it is talked about it is preceded by eye rolls or groans. Here's my thoughts on its slow crash and burn.

In 2011, someone close to both sides told me that Terry Landell was sending someone over to TXW wrestling to take over the books and to run the show into the ground. This was 6 months before it happened. At the time, I was not apart of TXW- but Billy Marshall was the beloved TXW booker and was synonymous with that group and I thought the person that told me that was crazy. Fast forward 2 and a half years, and TXW is having their last show on June 6th and the TXW booker that replaced Billy is back on Terry Landell's next show after the last TXW one. Looks like I owe that guy who told me the story an apology. TXW, at one point when I was apart of the show, was the most creative- story driven- and consistent show in the area- drawing anywheres between 150-500 people. It was fun, it was unique, it was not perfect but we did a good job drawing and entertaining. We were always giving to each other- and that has been different from anywhere else I have ever worked. We packed out Rec Centers so much we used to have to switch buildings to bigger venues. No disrespect to the boys that work TXW now.... Bobby Blassie, Octavious, Ricky, Spoony and Eddie are all stellar guys... but the heart and soul of TXW was ripped out a long time ago... I remember the first night Tony Anthony was apart of the TXW, he said "This is called the worst show in the area, and we are going to change all of that." I'm sorry DWB- but F*ck You. Have you ever seen a Terry Landell show~ the one you are allegedly going back to? He was a bad match with TXW from the beginning. Billy Marshall, Bob O Mac, Demetria, Maskerade, Dwayne Windham, Jerry Lee, Shane Daniels, Donovan Daniels, Allen Shepard, Nick Taylor, Beth O Funk, Violet and Jason, Chris Cameron, Barry Allen, Ruff Cut, Bobby Blassie, Menace, Shawn Shultz, Travis Sawyer, Rip, Funkmaster V plus others I'm forgetting... and all of the back stage help... James Malenko, Mac MacMurray, Jay Perkey, the Tiptons, etc... this is what TXW was all about in my mind... and not what it has been for the last two years. I for one am glad it's coming to an end. It has been like watching a teenage daughter turn into a porn star and gets on the radio bragging about how many men she is banging and how many VDs she has. I have learned a lot in wrestling since then. Pro Wrestling is not about family, it's about money marks and taking all you can before your opportunities dry up. TXW was awesome in the fact that for the early part of my career, I was dumb enough to think the sport was better than it was and it provided me with amazing memories, packed houses, and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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