Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Big Win at EGO PRO- Now Sights set on Wallypalooza

When I preach at you children, I don't lie. The extra sexy team of Funkmaster V, Bob O Mac, and Spoony Mack (with the lovely Funkettes) took out a foreboding Money Shot Mafia at EGO PRO Saturday night. The win got Spoony a #1 Contender spot and reintroduced the fact that I travel with the sexiest women in wrestling. It was good to see Bob back on the side of the saints.

It was also good to start selling CD's and DVD's too since I have had a nightmare trying to intergrate that feature online. Oh well... Until I figure that out, hit me up at wrestling shows or other appearances.... LIKE...


I will be hosting night 1 of Wally Miles's last rock concert-palooza-festival thingy. I will be breakdancing, telling jokes, slapping grown men and most importantly introducing bands. If you like-a-da rock and roll, come down to Maryville March number one. CLICK HERE FO' MO' INFO

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