Friday, April 3, 2020

Big N Funky Productions on Lock Down!

Quarantine, Bore-an-tined!

Big N Funky Productions is taking advantage of the break we are all "enjoying" to revamp, update our BNP Youtube page and to release more content from Wrestling With Ghosts and other shows for ASY TV. Here's what you can expect in starting in April!
THIS WEEKEND! (4/4/20)
***Wrestling With Ghost ep 2.3 (Only seen before on asy tv)
"They Died with Their Boos On!"
WWG at the Bethesda Church in Morristown: A church torn apart by allegiances to both sides of the civil war. Full body apparition is captured.

***Wrestling With Ghosts episode 2.6 (SEASON FINALE!)
WWG at the dam that is considered the 4th most haunted place in America. Big Luke and Funk piss of a windego by peeing on it's carpet.
***New Big N Funky Comedy Skit-
"Calling Peta on Travis"
(Travis, Big Luke, Funkmaster V, Kandi)
***New Fake Fone Funk-
"Calling in Sick to Places I Don't Work: Shroud of Turin Museum
***ASY TV to launch on Roku, Firestick, Apple TV!!!

***It Happened to Me...
New episode featuring NEW Ghost Stories from Brandon BishopSusan Held CurtisKirby-Leighanne Gocke and more!!!
***WWG Top 5 videos!
Check out the top Wrestling With Ghosts 5 videos on Youtube! Top 5 EVPs, Top 5 visual evidence videos, Top 5 physical evidence videos, Top 5 unique paranormal evidence videos AND MORE!
Dont forget to watch recently released:
***Taint My Ride! w/ Big Luke, Travis, Funk and Kandi
***Quaratined Bore-an-tined w/ Big Luke, Travis, Funk and Kandi
We still kicking baby! And he kickin' high!

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