Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Watch Partay!!!

Wrestling With Ghosts, Episode 2.4
"Be Ghoul to Your Scuel"

OK- here's the deal.
1) There is a BRAND NEW FREE episode of "Wrestling With Ghosts" available Halloween at this link:
2) It is a Youtube watch party, starting at 10PM EST... it runs for 40 minutes. You can chat with colleagues, fans, friends and the crew of Wrestling With Ghosts.

3) If you have ASY Paranormal, you can watch it early.
4) It will be up FREE for a week.
5) It is an investigation of Poasttown Elementary in Middleton Ohio. It features Susan Held CurtisMaggie Renea and Russell B Hank, it involves a wandering, malevolent possible spirit, connected to Joe Vitale and many others nationwide.
6) The team runs into at least two, possible spirits.
7) Hi-Jinks will be had. Join us, will you?
8) This episode features new music from Joshua Jordan, narration by Vito Thomaselli, and extra footage provided by Joe Vitale.
9) If you like what you see, consider subscribing to ASY where new episodes of Wrestling With Ghosts, It Happened to Me, Paranormal Mysteries, Hack's Horror Show, Alone in the Dark, and Haunted Graves will be released with weeks of one another.

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