Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Everyone has a Podcast... and Now I do Too...

Luke Walker and Funkmaster V take you on a phantasmal ride, some wrestling, some politics, sex, video games, humor... but all in all, pure awesomeness!
Episode One
The newest Podcast from The Offshoots with the hosts Luke Walker and Funkmaster V... they discuss the upcoming Severe Attitude Wrestling show on April 11th, why Funkmaster V took a break, Austin's response to the fans for failing that drug test, Shane Daniels' streak, Dante HP's High Risk Challenge, why Steven Cadillac Burns may be the next big thing and which wrestlers in East Tennessee are gay. Tune in... it might be you.
Two Ways Two Listen
Not only can you listen to the podcast on the Offshoots network based out of Texas, which means you can listen to it on mobile devices and iTunes and the like, you can watch out the shows on Youtube, sometimes featuring exclusive video content, matches, etc. Hop on the funk train and let's get it on...............

The Offshoots Podcast Version: 
The Youtube Version:

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