Friday, June 27, 2014

Nino Sparkz Benefit Show Will be HUGE

80 wrestlers from EGO PRO, Original TXW, FTW, SAW, TWA, ETCW, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina will be in one spot tomorrow night- ATHENS, TENNESSEE, to honor the life of Nino Sparkz. Every dime goes to his son's education fund. The original EGO PRO Tag Team Champions- Detroit Funk City rides once again as Billy Marshallcomes of out retirement to help Funkmaster V win the Tag Team Classic.Bill Smith (Willie B Badd) from DRI comes out of retirement. Wally Miles(Jagger Sterling) come sout of retirement. Derek Parton in an EGO PRO Ring. The Tate Twins... Brad CashMenace WrestlerD'andre Jaxson, Money Shot Mafia, Street Dreamz, Demitrya KrystBigLuke WalkerEric Adamz is back, Justin O'Day is back, Tyler ThomasThe Young Bloodz, The Saints, High Risk Impact, OG DFC members- Dwayne Windham, &Shane Daniels will be there, Rachel Byrd (Brittany Foxx), the return of Matt Vice and dozens more. If you love Nino, or wrestling.... there's no other place to be Saturday Night in the Mid-South. 
The Original Detroit Funk City
Funkmaster V - The Demon - Beth O Funk - Shane Daniels - Dwayne Windham

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