Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Funkmaster V to be Dismembered on TV

The master of funk has won wrestling titles, played with amazing musicians in front of sold out crowds, started businesses, won awards in comedy and radio and influenced others. He has shot a man out of a cannon, turned his fist into a flaming sphere of fire, and can roll into a ball like that butch chick from Metroid. But today, he will be dismembered by his showgirl wife... for the amusement of female reality TV junkies.
I will be playing a poor man that was murdered and hacked into pieces by his crazy wife for the Oxygen channel's "Snapped" TV show. I will inform the funk nation when this episode airs. But be forewarned: this guy's wardrobe wasn't that great... so I will look a bit on the unfunky side.

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