Monday, February 15, 2021

Watch "The Hike" tonight!!!

Watch an Advanced Screening of "The Hike" 

It's true! An advanced screening of "The Hike" is available ONLINE. You can watch it tonight on your phone, tablet, or even send it to your big screen TV. All that we are asking for is a donation of $15... and that will include bonus footage in the next few weeks: bloopers and extra scenes!!!

This Go Fund Me event is to help make our next movie! We have several donation levels that include prizes!

Here's the information from the Go Fund Me site
including prizes and donation levels!!!

What's up Funk Nation!!!

We are excited to announce that "The Hike" is VERY close to being distributed
around the world, AND we are mere weeks away from starting to shoot our next
horror/comedy movie: WJHC FM

This movie is the next in our series of "Smoky Mountain Chronicles" movies,. This is another horror/ comedy and will include the true stories of writer/ actor Vinnie Vineyard's misadventures being an overnight DJ at a Southern Gospel Radio
station, and what would happen if his shift coincided with the perfect storms: Y2K and the rapture. DJ Cousin Vinnie has to then protect himself and others during
the apocalypse at a severely compromised and aging radio station.

Here's what critics are saying about BnF P's first movie:

"The Hike features amazing scenery hiding unspeakable evil.
Pure entertainment." - Nerdy Old Man Podcast

"It's a Killer Movie!" - LED Productions

"Vinnie Vineyard's performance was amazing. Grade A. Spot On." - Cinetalks

"It's crass, bizarre, straight up wild, and I loved it!"
- The Good, the Bad, The Gruesome

"The Hike was fantastic! This gem hits the funny bone!" - Nerdy Laser Podcast

As much as we love "The Hike", we think "WJHC AM" will be even funnier and
scarier... and you might learn  something about yourself too!

But to make the next movie, we need some help. We are asking you to please help independent filmmakers  financially, but we are giving you back gifts. Some of
these pretty are pretty swanky, to boot.

Each level of love comes with some reward. Every level reached, you will acquire
the prizes/ rewards of the previous levels. Here's what we are looking at.

$1-$14  (You will receive warm fuzzies)

      (You will receive a link to watch "The Hike" ONLINE for free- along with
                    deleted scenes and bloopers.)

$25          (You will receive an 8X10 gold pen autographed picture of the cast of
                   Wrestling With Ghosts)


$50       (You will receive an associate producer credit, and Big N Funky
                Productions will add this to your IMDB page, and will create one for you if                  you do not have one.)

$100   (You will get a voice acting role in WJHC FM)

$175   (You will receive a special limited edition autographed DVD of "the Hike"                      and an autographed giant movie poster of WJHC FM)

$250   (On screen movie role in the movie role in WJHC FM)

$1000  (You will become an executive producer of "The Hike" and will receive
                  points on the back end!)


These donations are also TAX DEDUCTABLE. 


Please help local filmmakers make excellent movies using local talent, area 
locations, regional musicians- all telling stories from the mid-south!)

Visit the official page of Big N Funky Productions 

Much love,
Vinnie "Funkmaster V" Vineyard, co-creator, Big N Funky Productions

When you want your movie link, email me at

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