Friday, November 25, 2016

2016 Has Sucked... Unless you Be Funkmaster V

I've been busier this year than Bootsy Collins in a butt slapping contest, and I am truly thankful to the man in the sky and everyone on the Funk Train for the encouragement and love. From Ghosts, to Wrestling, to Politics, and beyond... this year has been a hoot.

Here's what you may have missed in November:


Maybe some of the southern wrestling fans would like Big N Funky better if they knew we were big 90's TV celebrities in Yankee land, and had a hit show called "Hey! Whoa... Easy!!!" God it was SOOOOO good.

The Not So Great Debate

The Libertarian of Funk, Vinnie "Funkmaster V" Vineyard's closing arguments from the "Not So Great Debate 3" hosted by Vito Thomaselli on With "Nick" the Republican and "Jenny" the Democrat.

Big N Funky Vs. the Southern Bad Boys
KFW "Punch Da Souff in Da Mouff Tour"

November 18, 2016. The funk was not defeated. Big N Funky outsmarted the Southern Bad Boys in our KFW debut and continued our undefeated streak in the Punch Tha Souff in the Mouff tour!!! Wrestling With Ghosts show represent, yo!!!! (Above is Funkmaster V's infamous Funky Armadillo maneuver)

Funkmaster V on the Porcupine PAC Video!

I was honored to be included in this Gary Johnson video from the Porcupine PAC on why we are voting for that third party brother over there. (Above is the completed video)

"Wrestling with Ghosts" on ZTALK Radio
with Jay Lynch

Justin, Big Luke, Funkmaster V and Travis rock in roll about the paranormal, their new TV Show, and share ghost stories for the true believers. (Above is a link to the entire show)

And Finally...
I was very fortunate to be able to take my family to some of the greatest cities in the United States for a truly exhausting, yet exhilarating Eastern seaboard tour de force this month. My vacations often have synced up curiously with National events (My Las Vegas Honeymoon was right when the Anthrax scare hit Reno on 10/11). So in typical FUNK fashion, we started a trip to DC, Philadelphia, and New York City right after Donald Trump won the Presidency. The morning after felt very weird. Many people messaged me on Facebook... wanting to vent, to get my thoughts on what just happened, to cry, or to ask for advice. The great EDWARD R MURROW said it best, "We will not walk in fear of one another." Read this quote from the holocaust museum I saw shortly after arriving in our nation's capital. Amidst the city-wide protests, I saw this: a warning to us... written by a German, a man of God who screwed up, a half a century ago. This warning is the last thing you see as you leave the museum. Read it. Consider it. Pray about it. Meditate on it. Even though this was written in Eurpoe, it is in a way a commentary on why the world needs America as an example. As my drummer Scott Wilson once said: Don't lose your shit on stage! The world is watching us........................... again........... to see what we will do. Let's show them some things about us will never change. Love, care, think, pray, help, be a hero to someone... even if it makes no sense to you to do so. The Prince of Peace has commanded us to act this way. If you are a believer or if you are not... don't let him down, don't let America down, don't let the world down.    

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November to Remember

This is a slightly lighter month for me... although that could change. Stay on top of the Funk Train to catch me or one of my teams "live".

***Nov 2- Catch Funkmaster V's closing argument from "The Not so Great Debate 3" from Vito Thomaselli and

***Nov 2- Funkmaster V is "Drug Buyer" on Homicide Hunter's episode 611. I do all the pool shots and ate quinoa for the first time in my life at catering

***Nov 5- Funkmaster V will be featured in a Nationwide "Why I Will Vote For Gary Johnson" Video.

***Nov 7- "Wrestling with Ghosts" is on international radio! We will be interviewed by Jay Lynch from ZTalk Radio Network

***Nov 18- Big N Funky vs. the Southern Bad Boys at KFW Pigeon Forge, TN

Keep an eye out for us and like SMARTParanormal on Facebook... and also Vinnie Vineyard (Funkmaster V)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

That was a HELL of a month

There was so much going on in the month of October that I didn't really have time to update my website. Here's the highlights of what happened for those that care:

The Funk Family 5 was also attacked by mind controlled Charlie's Angels
***Justin and Funkmaster V hit up Scarefest in Kentucky to help set up National Ghost Hunt Day
***Wrestling With Ghosts follows up at the Greenbriar Restaurant and found Lydia again
***Funkmaster V discusses ghosts and other fun stuff on WOZO's "Knox BY Night" Radio Show
***Wrestling with Ghosts takes WBIR Channel 10 on a ghost hunt.
***Wrestling with Ghosts makes the front page of the Mountain Press
***Big N Funky cost the Southern Bad Boys their match at KFW's Black Harvest... The Punch Da Souff in Da Mouff Tour Continues...
***Wrestling with Ghosts films at the Old Post Office in La Foyeete via Facebook live
***Wrestling with Ghosts makes the front page of the Herald
***Big N Funky defeated Tim Smiley and White Time Smiley at EGO PRO's Fright Night... The Punch Da Souff in Da Mouff Tour Continues...
***Funkmaster V is the libertarian representative on 1gimmickworld's "Not So Great Debate" against a Republican and Democrat.
***Wrestling with Ghosts hosts a live haunt at the Old Post Office in La Foyette. More crazy things happen.
***Wrestling with Ghosts is at Fanboy Expo in Knoxville. Along with a replica of the painting of "The Crying Boy", a haunted doll named "Annie" and a "possessed rope", a member of the Knoxville Ghosthunters group became violently ill after hamming it up with the doll

I have been admittedly ghosted out over the last 10 weeks. I took the day off to eat Cheetos and watch 7 hours of Freaks and Geeks. I made an Amethyst whip... But that was it festivities-wise. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and I'll get back to scaring you, funking you, and slamming your heroes tomorrow.