Friday, September 30, 2016

The Funk in the Machine


Me and Justin Richards from SMART Paranormal are going to SCAREFEST in Lexington KY today on their dime... to meet and greet, talk about National Ghost Hunting Day and to slay the ladies. Should be fun!
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The ScareFest's photo.



October 1st, we are a featured team and the ONLY team from Tennessee rocking this ghost jive up and down the coast on National Ghost Hunting Day. Worldwide coverage of the guys from "Wrestling with Ghosts" will begin ay 10PM. You can join the hunt... message us and you can play with us at the most haunted business in the Smokys!!!
National Ghost Hunting Day
20 hrs
National Ghost Hunting Day has added TENNESSEE to our World's #LargestGhostHunt Map! Please help us welcome Smartparanormal to our Satellites as they investiga...te the very haunted Greenbrier Restaurant in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. In addition, Justin Richards will be joining us at #CommandCenter to bring volume and power to the broadcast of all the LIVE SATELLITES FEEDS so that The ScareFest will be engaged with awe!



On Sunday, Listen to my dumb azz talk about funk, rasslin, politix... wait a minute... screw that jive. I will be rappin about my new buddies in SMART paranormal, the TV show "Wrestling with Ghosts", and all the crazy things that yank at my pants during the night on this fine radio show on this fine station!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Upcoming Funk Schedule...

There's some exciting things popping up around the whirled O funk... but much of it has to do with the pArAnOrMaL..... ooooooooh spooooooky.

Here's the intro to our swag pilot TV show... enjoy holmes!!!


Upcoming Funkmaster V appearances:

 Sep 17- EGO PRO 11th Anniversary, Athens TN
Sep 31- CPW "Some Bear Slam" Pontiac MI
Oct 1st- National Ghost Hunt Day, Destination America
Oct 2nd- WOZO FM 8PM, Knoxville TN...
Oct 7th- Surprise Surprise, ???
Nov 5th- TXW Wrestling, Knoxville TN

More to come...