Tuesday, August 30, 2016

End O' Summer Maddness

There has been a funk-ton of stuff happening this month in the world of ole Funkmaster V. I filmed an episode of Homicide Hunters, wrestled at Chicago's Wrestlefest 7 Pro Wrestling Event, and did a few radio shows, podcasts, photo shoots, and paper interviews. Thanks, always, for your support. Here's what is new in the world of Funk:


We are working with a few cable stations on making a new paranormal show featuring entertainers called "Wrestling With Ghosts". Here, the funkiest part of the SMART Paranormal team: Funkmaster V​, Big Luke Walker​, and Kaitlin Shelton​, break down a little pre game knowledge before they investigate the lovely phantom hitchhiker located at the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. Check out the outtake!


God Makes Beautiful Things: Wrestling With Ghosts

Luke and I had to almost record this podcast three times.... apparently the spirit world wants us to shut up. We chronicle our trip to Chicago, we come to the realization that the South Sucks, then we ask SMART Paranormal's Justin Richards (or J-Richey for kinda short) to talk about our disturbing investigation at the House of Gore in Virginia. Then.............. something paranormal happened to Luke at his house..... crazy times. (This is the number one downloaded podcast on the Offshoots Radio Network). Bully for the Funk!!!

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